The Seasons

Sunday was quite simply, a beautiful day. If I could order perfect weather like this every day I would. Of course, then all the tourists would stay and the crowds would make me crazy!

There are reasons for the Seasons up here and I admit to enjoying them all. We’re definitely at the end of summer. With temperatures in the 70’s that is right where it should be.

The Sun rises after 6:00 and sets at just about 7:20 in the evening. The days are getting shorter and shorter.

Soon the trees will start their color change, leaves will fall, as well as temperatures. My truly favorite time of year! Autumn!

Here is a picture from last year.

Oct 17 006Ah, before I know it, the lake will be awash in color! Truly, my favorite time up here.

Of course, winter will follow, but truth be told, I don’t mind that too much either.

Four beautiful Seasons! It’s why I love New England!

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  1. It must be same wherever there are four seasons in a year, autumn being the nicest time of the year. Please take lots of autumn foliage photos, distant and close up.

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