Today was beautiful. In fact, I felt like walking around our yard and I took a bunch of pictures. Lili, of course, was only too happy to pose for me.



Awww, my lovely Lili!

The tourists have all gone home. In a few weeks they will close up their camps and life in my small town will go back to a simple, quiet, normal. Oh, how I love this time of year!

I sidled up to the plum tree and grabbed a delicious succulent one, and wolfed it down. These are tiny little plums known as a Mount Royal Plum! Oh my goodness, so very good!

Tomorrow we have a man coming to see if he can fix the mess left by Sunday Paving & Sealing Company of Wolfborough, NH. These people worked on our driveway and 11 hours after they finished the driveway failed. They refuse to return our calls or to stop by. Anyone in my area thinking of using them, trust me, you do not want to do it! I will be filing a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau!

We’re limited with time now, as in a few weeks our temperatures will drop and the ground will freeze. Oh my goodness, did I really write that? Yes, before we know it, winter will be here!

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