My Plants Lived!

Thursday night was pretty cold up here. When I woke at 6 AM it was 38 degrees (F). I looked outside and there was a heavy dew on the ground. I decided that it was time for me to bring in my Christmas Cactus Plants.

Last Spring, after I was sure that the frosts were over, I put all three of them outside. They all looked pretty bad and if they died, they died.


We had a lot of rain in the Spring and I was worried they wouldn’t do well because of all the moisture. Then I read all about Christmas Cactus’s and learned that they are not Cactus! They are succulents! They are also, three different varieties of Christmas Cactus!

So I left them alone. Out in the warm rain with both sunshine and rain and they came back! So I repotted all three of them, putting them in nice mossy soil with good drainage, and they continued to thrive.


This is my oldest Christmas Cactus. It’s looking so much better now.


This is my second Christmas Cactus and I thought I could pull this one back and I did.


And lastly, this one I thought for sure was a goner! I predicted that I would be throwing it in the compost pile! But if you look at all the lighter color leaves, you will note all the new growth!

So the Christmas Cactus plants were all moved inside today and now all I need to do is remember to water them daily and mist them once a week.

I think I can handle that! Have a great weekend everyone!

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