Not So Good News

Well, on Monday I was so ill that I broke down and drove myself to the doctor. Since I am worried about passing this along to Jack, I left him at home and drove myself.


The doctor did a full exam and Xrays and pronounced me a bit crazy to have stayed home sick for 4 weeks before getting in to see him.

The diagnosis is that although he’s sure it probably started as the flu, I now have Pneumonia. Yes, and a pretty bad case of it.

I was chastised and sent home with three prescriptions. An antibiotic, a pill for the cough, and an inhaler.

I was so exhausted after my trip out, that I came home and went almost immediately to bed.

I can tell all the medications are trying to work, but I am wiped out and coughing up a lung or two.


So, I will keep warm, keep drinking my tea and hopefully, I will be on my feet again soon. Meanwhile, almost all my Christmas shopping has been done online! I am really happy about that!

4 thoughts on “Not So Good News”

  1. Hugs and prayers you feel better soon. You have been through enough this year as we all have. Stay warm and safe.

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