A Crazy, Lazy, Day

Well, welcome to 2020! Did any of you make it up until midnight? Not me. I went to bed at 9 PM and when Jack came in to take the dogs for their last commune with nature at 12:30 I was completely asleep and never heard him or woke when the dogs returned. And on the flip side, I didn’t wake until 7 AM! So we are talking a very long winter’s nap!

I watched part of the Tournament of Roses Parade, but eventually turned it off and switched over to The Incredible Dr. Pol. The Parade is not what I recall from my youth. There was a lot of hip-hop music, and rap music. Neither of which are my favorites. I like the Bands and the Floats made of flowers.

I love The Incredible Dr. Pol, as I am in awe of Veterinarians and their ability to take care of man’s best friend. But Dr. Pol goes further. He takes care of all the farm animals as well.

After that, I turned on Amazon Prime and watched a few episodes of What Not to Wear. Another old show that I love. With Prime, I can watch the first few seasons of the series, which I’ve never seen.

All through this, I worked crocheting. Tonight’s dinner is a series of leftovers from the last few days. I need to clear out my fridge!

The birds have been out a lot today pecking away at the suet feeders. With all the snow/ice, there is nowhere else for them to eat.

PB140005 (2)
Ah yes, these little creatures are my joy!

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  1. We did and stood in the street at midnight to see fireworks. I still woke at 6.30 and did not feel so good. I wonder how the birds would normally survive if not fed by people?

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