My New Microwave

For several days Jack and I have been grousing back and forth about the need for a new microwave. Our old one is 20+ years old and has all sorts of little quirks that make me nervous to live in a house with it.

One of the quirks was that the blasted thing would turn on an hour or two after being used. I kid you not. Yesterday we were sitting here watching the TV and all of a sudden the microwave turned on.

Well, that just sort of did it for me. I went on a measured rant about how this thing was going to cause a fire and we would all die!

I know, a little over the top. But honestly, this twenty-year-old machine that we bought for about $75.00 owed us nothing!

In the late afternoon, Jack was going to Lowes for some hardware to fix another household project, and I said, listen if you see a microwave that’ll work, why don’t you just buy it!

We took measurements and off Jack went. He called a while later and gave me a model number to lookup. The machine looked good. I said to go for it. However, he never said yes or no.

A while later the garage opened and I heard noises that indicated he was trying to carry something up the stairs. I opened the door and assisted him with the huge box!

Our new machine is installed and working great, with the exception of a rather curious coded way to run it. Apparently, in the modern world, we now live in using the words START and STOP are things of the past. They now use:

This is what you use for Stop

arrowThis is what you use for Go.

Now, I’d like to think I am fairly bright, and usually I pick these things up pretty easily, (I was able to set the clock easily!) but the operation of this microwave is pretty convoluted. Tomorrow I will type up a cheat sheet for the things that Jack and I use a microwave for. Like full power. You’d think that would be Power 100 right? As in 100% power. Wrong. It’s Power 10.

However, it weighs less than the other machine by about half, does not turn itself on without programming and It really is much stronger power-wise than the old one. (That was a 1000 watt microwave and this is 1200 watt.)

Our next thing to learn is actually how to set this to reheat. I’m sure the setting is there, but who knows what series of keys I will have to strike for that?

The machine is nice and pretty and actually fits the space better than the last one did. So, all in all, I am happy about it and in six months I will have it all figured out.


4 thoughts on “My New Microwave”

  1. You can set the clock on a new microwave? I am impressed. Ours is a few years old and each time daylight saving begins or ends, it is whole new learning experience.

  2. Yep, 1-10 is the new 10-100%. Also, the ON arrow will give you a nice 30 second full power reheat.
    On most of the new ones, the best way to reheat a plate of food is to use the cook time and power buttons. Half the normal cook time at 5 power to reheat works well to reheat. (Example: 4 minutes at 5 power is equal to 2 minutes at full power-just a gentler heat so warms food but doesn’t kill it, LOL)❤️

  3. That 1200 watt heat is HOT. I set the timer for at least 1 minute less than called for. Have fun with your new appliance!

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