I love the company, “Chewy“. I go on their website and I order the dog food I will need for 6 weeks. Then like magic, the food arrives via Fed-Ex and life is good for my furry friends!


Today my order arrived. I knew it was coming and I mentioned to Jack to see if the order had come. Yes, it had. The Fed-Ex delivery man had placed two huge boxes containing crunchy food and canned food and bottles of breath freshener, etc right outside our garage door. Had we not looked and simply backed up, both the boxes and our car would have been damaged.

Since the bottle cap had broken on one of the bottles, it had made a liquidy mess all over the cardboard box, I called “Chewy” to let them know.

They are gracious people and were very kind to me. A new bottle of breath freshener would be sent out and I filed a complaint about Fed-Ex with them. “Chewy” has always helped out when something happens to my order.

After the call, I set about putting all the food away. My little poochies now have plenty of food for the dreary month of February!

One note. I’m in a very rural area. I have not had great luck with Fed-Ex here. Things have been broken, drivers are ill-tempered and not at all helpful.

That being said, I LOVE my UPS Deliveryman. Kevin will walk the entire 600 feet of my driveway (since his truck wouldn’t make it in inclement weather)  in a raging snowstorm to make sure I get my delivery. He is kind and helpful and I appreciate everything he does for us. In fact, I will see him next week when my new bathroom rugs come!

54a35a417157635df58033af0c76e88dHappy Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “Chewy”

  1. Fed-Ex had been around a long time. I wonder if complacency has slipped into the organisation. Actually, wasn’t it around in the days of stage coaches?

  2. I also have to order Rosie’s food on internet because it’s 10 € cheaper ! She only eats this Hill’s brand since we have her. Nothing else not even a piece of chicken ! The delivery is OK they just ring the bell, but I don’t have such a long driveway either, lol !

  3. Drew has to buy Duchess’ special cat food from Amazon. Costs a fortune but she’s worth it.

    Keep filing those complaints, the delivery was unacceptable no matter where you live.

  4. Our UPS guy has spoiled my two with cookies. Sometimes if I don’t have a delivery and they’re in the yard, he will slow down and toss them cookies as he drives by with someone else’s packages. Of course, this means Rocky and Gracie practically mug the FedEx guy and don’t understand why he doesn’t have cookies for such good dogs.

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