The Friday Five


This was a busy week. We had a snowstorm, doctor’s appointments and I got my hair done. Here are the highlights of this crazy week.

1. In December I found some pretty yarn and I thought I would make an afghan for a loved one as a gift. Unfortunately, the yarn had one very big problem. It pilled and shed. So, I bought a de-fuzz and de-pill machine and set off to fix the problem. Here is the before.

Here is the after. Well at least almost after. I still have the last half of the second side to work.
The afghan will not be given away. I will be putting it on the back of my sofa. This sure taught me that sometimes a deal isn’t really such a good deal!

2. We had more snow. Ugh. Yeah, I think we are all over the snow.

3. Jack had his Orthopaedic appointment and we drove through the snow to get there, and then back home in pretty darn slippery conditions.

4. The next morning, I went to WW. This was only interesting because our plowman hadn’t been. I put the Highlander in position and it pulled me right up the drive in about 5-6 inches of snow. What a great car.

5. Today Jack returns to the Orthopaedist to have his finger/hand-manipulated. We hope that the membrane holding the finger stiffly bent, will snap and his finger will work normally.

20200208_094033Here is a picture looking up our long steep driveway. It’s always beautiful, except when you need to be somewhere in the middle of a blizzard!

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