8 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Photo”

  1. Hi Maribeth! What a beautiful photo of the Fjord! I’ve cruised here also, it is an amazing “painting” by God, thats for sure! Thaks for visiting my photo hunt today sweetie! Have a wonderful weekend

  2. That shot is really amazing and made me think of something “God-like” for sure. The way the light plays off of the water in the center….it is breathtaking

  3. This is stunning! That light coming across the water feels of a divine nature. It must have been amazing to stand there and take this photo. You have inspired me today!

    I played too,

  4. What a gorgeous photo!

    Hey, today on Animal Planet there is a program about dauchunds…if you have the channel or not? I’ll record it for you if you like…?


  5. I think someday i will get to Alaska myself. I’m thinking of taking the Canadian railway there. Let’s see if it happens! But I want to see things like in your photo.

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