The Rain Came Tumbling Down And Other Things

Our big snow storm of Sunday night, turned into rain while I slept. 3 or 4 or 5 inches of rain! It has washed away all of the snow and created giant puddles in our yard. Puddles so deep that Anneliese and Arnie hate to go outside as the rain water touches their bellies!

I was listening to the news and heard that a mud slide had happened in the southern part of the state, very near my daughter’s condo. My daughter’s home is on a HILL! I called her to make sure she was fine and also her home. She is, and so is her home, although there will be a detour for her to use to get home for a while.

Meanwhile, it rained here all day. The wind blew, the rains poured down and each time I took Anneliese and Arnie out I got soaked. I actually changed my clothes three times before finally giving up on staying dry.

My flu returned and I started to run a fever just as Hubby’s fever broke. I have warned him to stay away from me so we do not keep passing this thing back and forth. We did have a little appetite tonight and had french toast for dinner. (**A short note here, we never eat breakfast for dinner. It’s against Hubby’s religion or something, so this was a first. Me? I could eat breakfast at every meal. I LOVE breakfast!**)

Our little Anneliese is feeling the pains of being the smallest member of our family. I’m not letting her dwell on it and I am encouraging her to see herself as a big dog!

April 14 003

Of course she will, always be, my little baby girl!

April 14 004

4 thoughts on “The Rain Came Tumbling Down And Other Things”

  1. So sorry to hear you guys are sick – Feel better soon!
    We like breakfast for dinner too, our favorite is waffles with maple syrup.

    And–Anneliese is just so adorable! I love her expressive eyes, just so sweet.

  2. Hi Mom,
    Love the pics–adorable as always. I really like the 2nd one!

    Well, made it to work (over 1.5 hours), so just starting the day here!

    Hope you have a good rest of yours, and that you are feeling better!

    Love you,


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