Me & My Birds

Last year I fell in love with the birds. One day I was sitting quietly when I heard a thud on my bedroom window. I raced in, looked down, and saw this guy lying on his side underneath my window.

20190423_102124This guy is a Northern Flicker. I raced down to see if he was okay and started crying because it appeared he was very dead.

Then he winked at me! He was alive!

After rehabbing “Woodie”, as I nicknamed him, he flew off full of vim and vigor. As time has gone on, he has returned many times. Especially if I am outside and he hears me.

Since then, I got out all my bird feeders and filled them with Suet and Seed Blocks. At first, there were just a few who flew in, but soon I think Woodie told all his friends, and my feeders were full, as was my heart.

Here are pictures of some of my favorite birds.

Cardinal 13My beautiful male Cardinal.

P2170010 (4)This the beautiful Mrs. Cardinal. The two have lived in my yard for a long time.

P1160022 (2)Our Hairy Woodpecker Male last winter.

PB140005The much smaller Downy Woodpecker. This is the female.

P6280014 (3)This is our male Baltimore Oriole.

P5070039 copyI took this picture of the Oriole today. He was around a lot. As I have said, I think they are filling up before the storm.

PB140006 (2)Our Blue Jay and the Hairy Woodpecker having tweets over the Suet Feeder.

The Hairy Woodpecker today was unafraid of Jack and I working in the yard. I was able to get fairly close and then use my zoom lens.

P5080047 copy
And this guy flew into my air conditioner a few years ago.

IMG_0434 (3)

At first, we thought it was a Coopers Hawk. We have since learned that it was a Juvenile Redtail Hawk.

IMG_0433 (3)He was simply magnificent and he has stayed in the area keeping us fairly free from mice. Some people have cats for this job. We have a Hawk. Funny though, we don’t see him as often as I would like.

We have Eagles (which I worry about as a dachshund owner) and we have Crows and a single Raven.  There are Loons and Ducks and even Sea Gulls too.

I never saw myself becoming The Bird Lady, but there is such peace watching them, and feeding them.

Happy Saturday!

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