And Just Like That…My Hair Is Done

I’ve become a major “Germaphobe”! Just call me Howie Mandels Twin. You know he is terrified of germs (one has to wonder how/where he is surviving during the Corona Virus Pandemic.) This is how I am these days. I don’t want people near me and I am terrified of small spaces.

However, that being said, when my roots, which are a whitish/gray measured 2 inches, I knew I had to do something.

I think the drug store color is dangerous. Too many chemicals. So I’d heard from a friend that Madison Reed color company was a good one.

I spent time on their web site, consulted with a colorist, and put my order in. Trust me, it was a total leap of faith, as I had not done anything like this in many years.

The color box arrived with all sorts of goodies and I planned to perfection my date with the dye bottle.

This is when I had sectioned off my hair before I started. I was really nervous about it, but persevered!

Okay, the roots were cooking and eventually I pulled the color through all of the hair. I was wondering what it was doing under that cap.

And this is the after! It’s actually the same color I had when I was 22 and didn’t need to color my hair!

20200529_165435So here I am after. I feel good and as I gazed in the mirror I realized I had only one chin! Months of careful eating was paying off.

I must say that my color success and the arrival of a few of my on order items in the mail, just made my day.

It’s the little things!Maribeth Dackel

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