A Good Start To A New Year

It’s simply amazing. Each day when I awaken I go in and check on the puppies.

Dec. 31 005

Most of the time they are asleep. Today, however, they were wide awake and actually standing up on their feet, looking like proper dogs! Not that they move around normally yet. They are exceptional crawlers, they also appear to be professional “moon-walkers”. You remember that dance move, right? You make actions like you are moving forward, all the while sliding your feet backwards. Well, the puppies do this very well. A few of them can go forward, and two of them now bark these adorable little barks!

My sister took this picture of me holding the babies when Greta was outside. Needless to say, she would never have allowed the shot, if she had been in the house!

Mels pics 030

This is truly a wonderful way to start the New Year. With good health, sweet puppies and a little bit of snow, which fell on Saturday.

Dec. 30 002

Yes, 2007 may be a very good year.

The Cute Factor

All is quiet in the blogosphere.

I actually had some time on Thursday to check out the Thursday Thirteen’s, and to go and visit some long neglected bloggers that I enjoy reading, but I was surprised to find that many people have taken the week off from work and from logging.

I guess you can call me either conscientious or compulsive, because here I am again. I think I would almost feel guilty if I missed a day. I’m sure you all would survive, but the real question here is, would I?

After finishing up my own Thursday Thirteen, and posting a short video of the little female pup, Anita, I started in on observing life, the universe and everything. By everything I mean the pups.

They are all growing by leaps and bounds. Angelika is well over 2 pounds and is as strong as a horse. All the other pups are either at 2 pounds or an ounce below. They are all as cute as can be and I am not looking forward to the day when I have to decide which of the girls will be staying with us. Just when I think I have one all picked out, one of the other girls does something really adorable and I am lost.

Emily was no help at all. She suggested I just keep them all! Now there, that would fix that problem!

For those who didn’t catch the video yesterday, scroll down and check it out. Anita put on quite a show and she is a nice looking little girl.

Meanwhile here are today’s ahhhhhhhhhhh pictures.

Dec. 28 006


Dec. 28 002


The Babies

(For Thursday Thirteen, please scroll down)

I wanted to post a picture of each pup before their eyes open. This way you will have a chance to see them before and after. The male, Arnie is so handsome and so are the girls, but I just love Arnie’s darker coat.

I imagine their eyes will open in the next few days and then the fun begins! Until then, enjoy these recent photo’s.


Heather Picture Anni

Angelika, (the big one)



Arnie, Angelika, Anneliese, Anya
Arnie, Angelika, Anneliese, & Anya

Aren’t they cute?

A Week Old (The Movie)

I got out the video camera and shot a little footage today. After all, since the puppies are now a week old, I needed to commemorate the day.

The nice thing is that Greta is allowing me to handle each pup without becoming upset. Last week she did not want me to hold them for too long and she would get upset if I did. This week, she almost welcomes it. As long as, of course, I pay attention to her too!

If I had known how much fun raising pups was, I would have started doing this a long time ago.