Being An Oma

I am still basking in the afterglo of time spent with my daughter and grandchildren! On Sunday morning before I left, I played Barbies with Savi and dress up with both Savi and Quinn and then we did these selfies! All of this reminds me that I am a very lucky lady.


I spent a lot of time with Savannah as she was growing up from baby-hood to child-hood! But with Quinn, I got sick just before his first birthday, and I feel like I missed a lot of that age 1-2 years. In the last few months I have tried to get down more and the funny thing about Quinn is that he knows exactly who I am, “OMA” and that I am his!


I really am so very lucky to have these two wonderful kids for grandchildren. I not only love them, but I like them too. And like all grandparents that I know, I am just crazy about them!


Happy Birthday Quinn!

As we sit here in New England awaiting the arrival of Winter Storm Quinn, in our family we are also celebrating something else!

Today is the actual birthday of our grandson Quinn! It doesn’t seem possible that it has been only two years, and yet, I will say, I can’t seem to recall a time before Quinn was a part of our lives. When he was born he fit right in.

I was lucky enough to be there right after his birth. I brought Savi up to meet her brother, along with Matt’s Mom, Mary. I could not believe how beautiful he was!

I changed some of his first diapers while Mom and Dad rested and Mary and I and Savannah took turns holding Quinn. Our beautiful, fair-haired baby boy!

Now let’s look back on the last two years.

Happy Birthday, my darling Quinn!!!

Quinn’s Party

This past weekend we celebrated Quinn’s Second Birthday. This little guy works so hard to keep up with the big kids, that you forget that he is still a babe.


Quinn is one of those kids, who walked before he talked, was taking things apart and putting them back together pretty early on, and now at age two, he is talking up a blue streak. But I have to remember that he is still a baby. Two really is still very young!



So many happy, loving faces!

I was amazed watching him play with all the older kids. He would run after them, with them, and at times fall down. But this kid never cried. He just got up and kept on running.


Here’s the thing. Quinn didn’t realize that the party was for him. He just accepted that everyone was there and there was a party going on, and wasn’t that just wonderful! He played and partied and had a wonderful time. Then, as we stood and the kids sat around the table, and we sang “Happy Birthday to Quinn” he suddenly realized the party was for him and his little face brightened right up.



I want to say one other thing. All the children there were wonderful together. Not one of them wanted the birthday gifts, and they all were happy for Quinn. I think the cutest thing ever, was watching Jackson put together the Little People Animal Rescue set that I gave Quinn. This young man should be an engineer! He had that thing put together in no time.


In the background is the young man, in red, who amazingly put together Quinn’s Little People Animal Rescue Center!


My sister, Melodie and me.

So I spent the day loving and being with my grandchildren, and all those who love them. I’ve known most of these kids since they were born, and I have to say that their mothers and fathers are doing a great job. They are nice kids, and I love being around them.


Like all good things, they eventually come to an end and I had to go home. I left with a smile on my face and my heart full of love. Later this week on Quinn’s actual birthday I will post a montage I made for him.

The End Of Summer

I’ve been a bit lazy of late, posting the happenings here in New Hampshire. It’s not that there is nothing to write about, just that I find little time to sit down and put my thoughts in blog form.

The summer is flying by. My goodness today is the 15th of August and in less than 2 weeks, the kids return to school! This means the school buses will stop down the hill from our house 4 times a day, and it also means that our tourists will go back to their homes and my little town will shrink to it’s normal size. Well almost. We will have leaf peepers come at the end of September through the month of October, and then life will be normal.

Jack is doing very well. His nubbin looks amazingly well, and as soon as his new orthotic shoes come in, he will be out of the special boot they have had him in. Yesterday, he even went to the grocery store and was able to walk around a bit.

However, here is my new gripe. Handicapped Parking! Hubby now has a placard, as he has trouble walking, and will continue to. Yesterday, at the grocery there were 6 spots. Three of them were being parked in by people who had no placard, or license plate with a handicapped symbol. One guy came out with 2 cases of beer and tossed them in the back of his pickup. The only handicap this man has is drinking too much Budweiser!

So, people, if you do not need a handicapped space, if you do not use a cane, walker, etc. Please, I beg of you, leave these places for people who cannot walk easily, or at all.

My daughter sent two fabulous pictures of the kids from their vacation in Maine, and I love them so much, I am getting them printed for the 5X7 inch frames on the mantle.


Savannah Rose


Quinn Wallace

They both have that, “I’m enjoying summertime” look!

My Weekend

The weekend seemed to fly by. It was a good one, as I drove down to visit with my daughter and grandchildren. My grandson is changing so quickly right now. He will be 17 months old next week, and remarkably moves and acts much older . The cutest thing about him is, if he sees any sort of machine, lawn mower, tractor, etc, he stops and watches intently.


The neighbors were mowing their lawn and each time the rider mower passed us, Quinn waved. And his eyes never left the machine! And Quinn loves it when his Daddy takes him for a lawn mower ride too. He doesn’t wiggle around, he just sits quietly and helps Daddy drive the machine!

IMG_1126 (2)

IMG_1117 (2)  IMG_1112

Mandy made a terrific breakfast while I was there and it was fun to share this with the kids. I brought a fruit tray and when I arrived Mandy had also gotten a fruit tray. All I can say is…fruit is good!

After breakfast, I spent some alone time with Savannah as it was time for Quinn to nap. Savi is five years old now and very interested in how things work. We played around taking pictures together and then Mandy asked her if she wanted to take some pictures of Mandy and me. At first she looked nervous, but she carefully lined up the camera and took a couple of pictures of the two of us, and they came out pretty well.

IMG_1139 (2)


IMG_1146 (2)

mand m

This is one of the pictures that Savannah took.

Soon it was time for me to go, and I got in my car and headed out toward the highway. As I neared the entrance to Route 93, I could see that all the cars were completely stopped and there was no movement.

In the summertime on the weekends, it is not uncommon for the main routes into New Hampshire to be completely clogged with traffic. I thought for a split second and then opted for a back router going north. Route 28. It’s actually a pretty route. It parallels the main highway and goes through all the little towns. The traffic lights and the mini rotaries slowed me down, but I did keep moving, and when I reached Concord and hopped back on Route 93, things were moving right along. Still, it took me 45 minutes longer to get home than it usually does.

I made lunch for Jack and me, played with the pooches and took a short nap. Yes, even Oma needs a nap!

Then on Saturday night we watched a Bruce Willis movie. “Hostage”. It was very unlike most Bruce Willis movies, this was suspenseful, and kept both of us riveted to the TV. We did not want to miss a moment of this film! Made in 2005, his daughter Rumor also plays his daughter in the film.

Sunday was a slower day for us. I’d been up late watching the film, and so I just did the basics.

Monday finds me making a Recycling Center run and taking out the vacuum and sucking up all the Lili hair!

Have a great Week Everyone!!!

TBT: Quinn Age 1

It seems impossible that the year has flown by and Quinn is now 1 year old! It seems like just yesterday, when Quinn came into this world. A sweet, fair-haired, blue eyed baby boy! And so beautiful!


Savannah holding her newborn baby brother!



And here he is now, a year later, so handsome, so sweet and adored by us all!


Collage courtesy of my daughter, Mandy!

Quinn’s Birthday & Food

I haven’t been doing very much since I got home. It’s a frustration for me and for Hubby, as neither on of us is used to having me sleeping, resting and not doing much.

Don’t get me wrong, Hubby is doing well with the laundry, cooking, cleanup and doggy stuff. But I think even he is a little sick of doing it all.

I have also had no appetite. Now this is great for a diet, but Hubby is concerned as I need protein, Vitamins, and fruits. I just don’t feel like it.

Hubby made Salisbury Steaks last night with mashed potato and wax beans. Hubby did a great job. Tonight he is cooking steak, baked potatoes and asparagus. I will only be able to eat small servings, but I bet it will taste good.

Yesterday was Quinn’s first birthday! Mandy sent me this great picture of Quinn enjoying his cake!

Quinn birthday

Happy Birthday, Darling Quinn!

Work, Work, Work!

The weekend was very busy for me. I’m still working at thinning my stuff. Clothes, odds and ends, and getting it ready for our charity shop. I have 5 large bags filled to the brim, and more to go.

I cooked three fabulous meals. Roast leg of lamb, sirloin steak and then lamb stew. All were good and filled us up on these bitterly cold days.

My darling Quinn is now 10 months old! Can you believe that? He is such a grown up, handsome guy and I am amazed by him. It seems like just yesterday that I held him for the first time and fell in love!


Savannah had her first big girl hair cut. Nothing too dramatic, but enough so the snarl monster is leaving her alone. She looks just adorable!


Have a great Monday everyone!

Grandchildren & Love

Last week I drove down and spent the day with my daughter and grandson. It was a nice day, and I enjoyed the ride down and back.

Mandy and I hit the Outlet shops, and in the early afternoon we stopped to have lunch. We both felt like something different, and decided to go to a Thai Restaurant and try them. Oh my goodness, it was fabulous!



Sweet Quinn was really good while we shopped. If we were outside walking, he fell right to sleep. But as soon as we would go into a store, he would wake up! He didn’t cry, but he was wide awake and taking it all in.   At the end of lunch, Mandy and I went to get Savannah at school and that was such a wonderful surprise. She came home and we got to play and joke and fool around, before I had to leave to drive home.


IMG_0174 (2)


I’ll be going back this week to spend some more time with them. You know, the time you spend with your children or grandchildren, is the best!