Greta News

My dear little Greta is having continued health problems. I called the Vet again today and brought her in. She is back on antibiotics and will need to be crated at night for a while.


It really hurts. I know she is 12 years old, and I know that doggies don’t live forever, but I just hate it when their health starts on that darn slippery slope. Then you know, it is just a matter of time.

I am hoping I can take such good care of her that she will live happily and healthfully for a few more years.

Fingers crossed!

TBT: Greta’s First Litter

December 5, 2006. Greta, pregnant with her first litter of pups. She was HUGE! A few days later on December 10, 2006, she gave birth to one boy (Arnie) and four girls (Anja, Anita, Angelicka and Anneliese).

big belly

Here she is with her babies right after her delivery. Greta was an incredible mother to the 10 pups she gave birth to, before I retired her.

Dec 13 007

And here she is with baby Anneliese.

Dec. 28 002

Greta Is An Old Lady Now

A while back I noticed that at night, Greta was having a problem with minor leaking incontinence. I called my Vet to ask if I could do anything. She told me about some pills to use to help strengthen her sphincter.


I went and got a prescription from her and came home and gave Greta her first dose. A few hours later, I thought I might lose my dog.

Greta began to cry and to pace back and forth. She could not sit still, and her cries became louder and more pathetic. I tried to hold her to comfort her, but nothing I did helped. I got no sleep that night as I was too busy praying for my little dog to be okay.

In the morning, I read all I could about Proin and found out that this is really a nasty medication, that is no longer available for people (Dexatrim) and many pet owners wrote in about the ill effects on their pets.

I swear by all that is holy, I will not give Greta another one of these tablets! I got out her old seasonal (estrus) panties and a Kotex pad and I put these on her at night. I put a plastic sheet under her doggy bed, and she now lies in her bed, on my bed and everyone is happy.

Happy 12th Birthday, Greta!

Today is our dear dackel, Greta’s 12th Birthday.



Greta was born in Rehden, Germany. Hubby and I flew over in May of that year, and on the 5th of May, we drove with Uschi out to meet the owner of the Vom Geestmoor Kennels. It was so much fun. The 4th was Hubby’s Birthday and it was also Herr Hollmann’s wife’s birthday. A grand party was planned with cakes and coffee and the best present of all. Greta!

It seems like just yesterday. And now, here we are celebrating Greta turning twelve years old!

I had gotten her because our girl, Shubi was very ill, and I was suffering with the anticipation of the loss. Greta, was like a bright ray of sunshine! And over the last 12 years, she has become my sweetest girl, and of course Mama to both Arnie and Anneliese.

Happy Birthday, Dearest Greta!

Greta's Birthday Video from Dackel Princess Maribeth on Vimeo.

It’s A Doggone Day!

The week came to an end, so I took Hubby and headed to the store to stock up on dog chow and food, so while I am gone I don’t have to worry about Hubby feeding the beasts.

The two lady dackels are feeling so much better and have returned to their energetic selves. Both have another 5-6 days on the medication, and we have actually found a way to get these big capsules down their throats. Hot dogs. You cut about a 1/2 inch piece, then put an X in the top of the hot dog. Place the pill in the middle and have another small piece ready. Now give the dog the pill/hot dog and follow it up immediately with the other piece of hot dog. Trust me, there is no spitting out of the capsule.

Have I mentioned lately that Lili is becoming a real delight? Oh it was such a rough start with that girl! Now we have her on grain free food and she feels good, and we have worked with her. She will now go out in the yard, and run around in the field while Hubby is working on the fruit trees. But she is always keeping her eyes on him. When he comes into the house, she follows.


If we let her out to do her business, I will put on my jacket and hat, and I talk to her and when she is done, she follows me too. The biggest thing for me, is that I cannot have her pulling me on a leash. I’ve noticed that since we have started working with her off leash, when we do use one she behaves herself!

And at the bottom of our list is Mr. Arnie Man. There is nothing wrong with him, he is perfect, comes when he is called, is in perfect health and is just a joy.

Well their all joys, but some days one is more of a joy than on others!

Greta The Badger Dog!

Poor Lili lost her red ball last week. After a heavy rain, the ball went into the gully and down the drain pipe. Every day Lili went out and looked into the pipe for her ball.

Sadly she had not found it. Until….Greta was outside with Hubby and she was over by the drain and she climbed into the drain and found the ball!!! She came running out with the ball firmly in her teeth!


Big little dog

Ah yes, my little badger-dog, Greta!

TBT: Potsdam, Germany 2004


Here is Hubby holding 8 week old baby Greta! Our friends brought us down to Potsdam to tour the city, and poor Jack was really having trouble with the walking. That was before he had both of his knees replaced.

Now my bionic guy can walk around with no pain to his knees! That was all the way back in 2004. May 7th to be exact! So long ago now, but I can remember this day like it just happened!

She weighed all of 6 pounds then, and was as light as a feather. Now our Greta is eleven years old and a 24 pound senior girl!

That was such a  nice day. The sun was shining, and we went to a little restaurant and had wonderful Wiener Schnitzel and German beer!

Happy Birthday Greta!

Today our darling Greta, the senior dog of our pack, turns eleven!


I cannot believe the time has gone by this quickly! She is now, truly, a senior doggy!

We brought her home from Germany when she was just 8 weeks old. I worried that she would not handle the trip well, but she acted as if she flew on an airplane every day!

She grew to love Shubi and Fritz and after Shubi left us, Greta seemed to take over in her stead.

Before long she went to German Dog Shows and then she met her doggy husband Bernie, and they had their first litter of puppies! Arnie and Anneliese were her babies from that litter.

They had one more litter before Greta retired from breeding. I have to say that of the 10 pups she had, she was one of the best mothers ever.

Greta still tickles me daily with her attitude and antics. She demands the other pups treat her with respect and truly is our queen bee!

Here is a short video montage of my sweet girl over the last eleven years!

Greta's Birthday Video from Dackel Princess Maribeth on Vimeo.

Love Is In The Air

I think it must be the call of the wild.

I have three spayed female dogs in my home. Two are former mothers, but have been spayed for several years. Lili, of course, we had done right off in October, with hopes it would help her to calm down. One still hopes.

But Mr. Arnie is acting very strangely. Not so much with Lili, but with Greta and Anneliese. It started yesterday. Arnie began following Greta and Anneliese around putting his snout on their backs in a pathetically loving way.

P3020004 (2)

Last night, while trying to go to sleep, he made his way around the bed, trying to snuggle with the two girls. I could hear them growl at him, in an attempt to get him to cut it out!

No, Arnie is not neutered. We have simply never had a problem with him that required us to neuter him.

But, this is worrying me a little. He is a bit on the thin side and well, I can only wonder how long his “loving” ways will continue.

Still, his cuddling them is cute, and as long as he doesn’t start to roam, I guess it’s OK. After all, it’s not like the girls will cooperate with him.

So, I can tell, Spring is in the air! Or at least Love!