Another Christmas is Past…..

I hope everyone had a great, happy and healthy Christmas. I hope your food was good, the presents great and the company you celebrated with even better!

It was just Hubby and me with our pups today and this was nice. Quiet and calm. I made a recipe for herb crusted prime rib of beef, with twice baked potatoes, butternut squash and boiled onions. I am waiting for that to digest before I attempt to eat dessert.

Meanwhile, I must tell you all about my favorite gift. My dearest friend Uschi, sent me a book from Germany. It is by my favorite artist Martin Blank. He draws pictures and write books about wire-haired dachshunds. His drawings make me think of my Greta and of course my old girl, Shubi.

Dec. 25 017

If you have a chance, go on over and take a look at his web page. It is in German, but click around and you will see some of the best drawings and I know they will tickle your heart!

The day is dying now, as the sun sets and the temperatures drop. I think it’s time for Hubby to lay a fire in the hearth and get ready for that New England Pumpkin Pie.

What I Did On My Last Free Saturday

Hubby and I went Christmas shopping today. He literally had to pull me out of the house, because with Greta so close to popping out those puppies, I did not want to leave!

Enter Emily, our wonderful dog sitter! She came over early this morning and took care of the two+ pooches so we could shop and relax a little.

So off we went to capture a few sales, replace our broken coffee maker and go to the Euro Deli and get some of our favorite foods.

First we went to Macy’s because the sales were good, I had an awesome coupon to use all day there, plus we had substantial gift cards!

Emily called and asked if Fritz was supposed to be in the whelping box? I told her no, but before she shooed him out, she took his picture.

Dec 2 012

Back to shopping. The stores were mobbed, but the people there were in good spirits, so time really flew.

Now I must interject an observation here. Ladies, when you go shopping during the holidays, please refrain from dousing yourselves with perfume. I know you love your scent, but there are some of us who are A) allergic to almost all scents, and B) hate the taste of perfume in our mouths (which occurs if you are near anyone who has bathed in their scent!).

The store employees were all very helpful, and schmoozed me just enough to make me want to go back. Why one sweet woman actually looked at frumpy old me and exclaimed that I was simply too young looking to have a daughter who will turn 30 in three weeks! (she knew this because I was bragging about my daughter as I bought her gifts!) I think the movie “Pretty Woman” has a lot to do with the schmoozing. In any case, I liked it and I send each of those wonderful clerks a big smooch back!

We then went to the Euro Deli and bought a ton of German food. Gold Medal Leberwurst, Leberkäse, gypsy wurst, Nurnberger Bratwurst, Tilsiter cheese, and different Christmas specialties. I was thrilled. I also left off a picture of Greta and a small write up about her litter. I hope a few people will see this and perhaps want a puppy. Think how wonderful it would be to have some of my grand puppies in New Hampshire!

We had lunch at a Chinese Buffet, and then went to LL Bean to shop. Lucky me found some slippers, a shirt, and a Christmas gift for an unnamed member of my family.

Then I went to Petco and got the last few items on my list for puppy delivery. I also bought a toy for the babies. I should get a few more, but I know Hubby can handle that errand for me.

Greta is huge! We took this picture of her tonight because I think, if those babies don’t get born soon, she might simply pop!

Dec 2 019

So I am now in for the night and probably for the foreseeable future. I simply don’t want to leave my girl until the pups are here, and have their eyes open. Call me a nervous Nellie!

‘Tis The Season…

The interesting part of Thanksgiving in America is that, the day after everyone eats like crazy for one holiday, they start planning the next one.

I always thought I was immune from this until today. My cousin Janet came up, Emily came over and we all went to a wonderful Christmas fair, out to lunch and then on to the Outlet Mall where we literally hit every store, searching for gifts.

I was rather productive with my shopping, finding gifts for my daughter and one for my friend. I also found some new pants and a shirt for myself. Janet got a few things, but the best buy was a cute pair of jeans that Emily got for ten bucks!

However, the fact that I was standing in incredibly long lines, simply boggled my mind. At one point in the Jockey store I wanted to buy myself some new bloomers, but the lines were 5 deep and simply not moving. I can wait another month or so for new knickers, so I put the packages back and left the store.

Most people were in a good mood for shopping. People laughed and smiled and were polite. All, but the one woman who wanted to steal the parking place we had been patiently waiting for. She made certain hand gestures that proved she was simply not a lady!

Tonight I sit here, exhausted but happily so. I’ve pulled my Christmas boxes down from the attic, and tomorrow I may just start finding places to put out a Santa Claus doll or two!

Thursday 13 #29

Thirteen Things That Are Said On Thanksgiving Day

1. Do I have to get up to stuff the turkey and put it in the oven now?
2. Mmmmmm. It smells good in here.
3. Do I have to set the table now?
4. Mmmmmm. It smells so good in here.
5. Is it time to get out all the good dishes for the dinner?
6. Mmmmmm. It smells good in here.
7. When do we eat?
8. Not until then?
9. Do we have enough silverware for everyone?
10. Mmmmmm. It smells good in here.
11. I can hardly wait for the chestnut dressing.
12. Time to eat!
13. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!!!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things.

Our 4th of July Celebration

Yesterday was one of those wonderful days. Here in America, it was the 4th of July! Independence Day. We celebrated with my cousin, Janet, my Uncle George, And Hubby’s Army buddy, Ed and his wife, Janis and daughter, their daughter, Alison. What a great group to get together and celebrate!
From noon until 3, we sat outside enjoying a continuous bevy of appetizers. Homemade salsa, chips, clam dip, and stuffed eggs. Everyone brought different beers to try, so we had Yuengling, Michelob Ultra Lite, and Samuel Adams. We also enjoyed some mixed beverages, and for some of us, just plain old soda.
At 3 PM we moved our party onto the screened in, and covered porch, and set up the TV so we could watch The World Cup match between Germany and Italy.

We broke out the next course of goodies, which were a fantastic potato salad made by my cousin, a yummy bean and mango salad made by our friend Janis, and shish kebob fixings (recipe will be posted for the marinade).
Hubby got his new grill going and soon we were all making the shish kebobs and Hubby was grilling. I cooked corn on the cob and in no time we were sitting down to eat a fabulous 4th of July meal!

Because no 4th should be celebrated without some sort of luscious dessert, I ended our food orgy with this cake.

After our guests departed, the sun set, and soon fireworks blazed in the sky. We watched until the grand finale. Then my bed beckoned me and somewhere around 11 I was in lala land.

Happy 4th Of July

It’s The Fourth of July here in America. The day we celebrate our Independence from English rule. I think we have also moved toward celebrating our freedom. Most families celebrate with barbecues and general gatherings. And of course, fire works!
The fireworks start several days before the fourth. Neighboring towns will coordinate so people can go to all the events in their area. My sister can go to a fire works display for three of four days! Fun stuff!

Quite a few years ago, when my daughter and Hubby’s daughter were with us on the fourth, (they were both in their early teens) I set about to teach them safe handling of fire works. They loved sparklers and so that was what I selected.

I showed them how to hold it at the very base of the stem safely.
Well, you know me. Nothing ever really goes the way I plan. I lit the sparkler and it malfunctioned and blew up in my hand, burning me pretty badly.
I ran inside and grabbed a bag of peas and off we went to the Emergency Room. Where they cleaned and dressed my hand. And I got a lecture on fire works safety.

It was then I realized that I needed to never handle fire works again. And I haven’t. I have been very good about letting the professionals do all the display work. You just never know when you might get a bad one and have it explode like that.
So to everyone out there today celebrating the fourth, please be careful and safe.
Happy Independence Day!!!!