I am starting to settle in, here at home, after a whirl-wind time at my daughter’s, for the birth of their second child, and first son.

Matt’s Mom and I took care of Savannah during the time that Mandy was in the hospital. Savannah is an amazing little girl. So grown up in so many ways, yet still so young and in need of her parent’s loving touch. We were happy to get her to eat, get dressed, and take a bath.

Mandy’s sister was also there, and she was a help with Savannah too. Especially at bedtime and in the night. Ally loves Savi so much and would do anything for her.

I continue to be my daughter’s biggest fan. She is an amazing woman, and as I watched her going through a rather difficult birth, and it’s after effects, my heart was so full of love and pride. Not because of anything I did. But because Mandy has made her own way in this crazy world, and has become a remarkable woman.

I know I am a real wimp when it comes to pain, so when I ask for a morphine drip for a hang-nail, no one is surprised. Yet here was my daughter, in, what I knew was terrible pain, and she called it a 7. Even Matt knew Mandy was being a little too brave and he told the nurse that she should add two points to that score.

Mandy also was unbelievable and wonderful, when Savannah came to meet her brother. She made sure Savi sat right down with him and I could see the happiness on her face as she watched her two children meet each other!


I stood back, with Matt’s Mom, Mary, and we watched this lovely little family during their first moments. We both fell instantly in love with Quinn. And I think, as we stood there watching it all unfold before us, fell in love with our children and our grandchildren all over again. ¬† received_10207996967095069

Mandy had the same OB Nurse that she had when she delivered Savannah. Diane is a peach, and when I watched her doing her job it struck me that she had 2 patients, not just one. And she handled it all with gentleness and serenity. Her presence  was a calming one.


That first day, Mary, Ally, Papa (Hubby) and I all got in, as well as my former husband, Bob. Matt’s Dad was not feeling well, and had to steer clear of newborn baby, Quinn.


It’s funny, but Quinn’s name is perfect for him. In fact, I just love his name. Quinn Wallace… It fit’s him so well.

Friday Five

The biggest news of the week is that Quinn was born on Monday. He is a good baby, and very handsome. My daughter has been pretty exhausted since giving birth, but at the same time, they are both so happy to finally meet their son. So here we go with the Friday Five, Birth List.

  • Quinn was due to come Monday morning at 7:30 AM via C-section. But this little guy had other plans, and Mandy went into labor in the evening of the 6th.
  • It was not what anyone had hoped, as the actual c-section was really tough, but Quinn was born at 5:14 AM and weighed in at 7 lbs 13 oz and is 22 inches long.
  • He is a handsome boy and resembles his sister, Savannah Rose. However, where Savi had darker hair, Quinn is very blond and fair.

Savannah is on the left and Quinn on the right.

  • My daughter continues to amaze me. Even though I know she is tired and sore, she never says a word to complain, and she has done a great job caring for this new little man, despite the fact that she is, herself, recovering.
  • It looks like she and Quinn will come home today from the hospital. Once Savannah gets home from school, they will be a family of four in their own little house.

Matt’s mom and I have held down the fort. When our kids are ready, we also will head to our homes. But it has been so much fun being part of this happy time.