Grandchildren & Love

Last week I drove down and spent the day with my daughter and grandson. It was a nice day, and I enjoyed the ride down and back.

Mandy and I hit the Outlet shops, and in the early afternoon we stopped to have lunch. We both felt like something different, and decided to go to a Thai Restaurant and try them. Oh my goodness, it was fabulous!



Sweet Quinn was really good while we shopped. If we were outside walking, he fell right to sleep. But as soon as we would go into a store, he would wake up! He didn’t cry, but he was wide awake and taking it all in.   At the end of lunch, Mandy and I went to get Savannah at school and that was such a wonderful surprise. She came home and we got to play and joke and fool around, before I had to leave to drive home.


IMG_0174 (2)


I’ll be going back this week to spend some more time with them. You know, the time you spend with your children or grandchildren, is the best!

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