TBT: Shubi & Me

This picture was taken during a vacation in 1997. Twentythree years ago. We were visiting New Hampshire (At the time we were living in Florida), and we drove up to Weirs Beach, in Laconia. Here I am holding my first wire-haired dackel, Shubi! It’s hard to believe it has been 23 years!


We stopped so Shubi could take a run down by the water. The beach was deserted, and it was a perfect time. Or it was until a man with a large dog came to the beach and his dog was off-leash too! Poor little Shubi was so scared, she ran to the end of the jetty and jumped into the lake! His dog just stood there looking confused!

The man ran quickly and he jumped in and rescued Shubi, while Jack went to see if we had a blanket in our car. I can still see this rather comical event in my mind. Shubi was fine, just wet and in the end, we had a good laugh. The man’s dog was a nice one, although there was no convincing Shubi. I’m glad I have this picture to remind me of that fun day!

MAINE1Me with my much loved Shubi.

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