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The news is very good for my eyebrow! I saw the doctor today and was approved for surgery.

I will be going in tomorrow (Wednesday) for a Covid Test, and all my Pre-op work-up. Then I need to shelter at home. No going out, no going anywhere, until after the surgery.

The surgery will be Monday, October 26th in the morning. I opted for local anesthesia, and this means my recovery time will be slightly less. I will be able to drive myself both ways.

I do plan to relax after the surgery. I’ll come home and just chill out. I already have a meatloaf made for Jack and I will do the vegetable preparation the night before.

So after all this time, the hard nodule that has been causing me such discomfort will be excised and hopefully, all will be well.

I’ve been so worried about what the insurance would cover, and it was explained to me that in a case like this, they will cover it because there is a medical purpose for the surgery. I guess these sorts of rules must be so someone doesn’t attempt to have breast enlargement surgery and have the insurance company pay for it. Or worse yet, have a face-lift or lip enhancement (aka guppy lips). I can understand, and I guess I shouldn’t have worried. This really is medically necessary.

So off I go to get myself swabbed and then I’m home until Monday!

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