Life In The Time Of Covid

Life in the time of Covid. It’s odd you know. As our numbers start to climb, I’ve gone back into only going out when I absolutely have to. Today was one of those days. So I planned it out. Grocery, Post Office, home.


Many people are opting to stay home too. We had a dusting of snow in the morning, so many people just figured, what the heck and stayed in. I was able to get a few things I needed at the grocery store and then I was off to the Post Office.


I had a lot of mail. A lot! But what concerned me most was a letter from my insurance company. Basically, they said that if this was “Cosmetic” they will not cover it. Lucky for me they found one large tumor and two small ones! That should make them happy.

I truly detest my Insurance Company. They have never been there to help me. In fact, I have had the stress of practically begging for them to cover my care, despite the fact that I am covered. Very soon I will be looking for a new primary provider and I can tell my current provider to take a flying leap!

I must insert here that I love my current secondary insurer. They are so good and I never have a worry.

In the afternoon, I did a few little things, but not too much. For whatever reason, I was feeling tired.

I called my sister and my friend, Gail and we had great visits. That’s one thing I love about my cell phone! I can call and talk and talk and it costs nothing.

Dinner was once again leftovers, thus making my day end easily. Now we are both sitting here watching “Air Disasters” and sort of killing time until I go to bed.

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