The Weekend Wrap

30380788381_d20cf8473a_kWell, I was sitting here writing this entry and I went to add the header and the footer for my piece. I added the header and saved it and what should I see when the little tab stops spinning? Nothing! My computer ate my entry. I am unsure why, but it is gone! So, after lunch, I will try to write something else. Rewriting it all, just wouldn’t be the same.

Okay, so I think I will do a bullet list instead of a normal entry. I’m still so frustrated that the other entry just vanished!

  • I woke in the night as I could hear a dog getting sick in the family room. Choke, choke, choke, Barf! I decided to stay in bed and deal with it in the morning.
  • It was Anneliese who’d gotten sick. She is not doing well. Her 14th birthday is December 10th and I sure hope she will make that and maybe have more time with her as well. I will baby her.
  • Just when I was happy to have gotten all the laundry done, I had to wash up Lili’s bed as that was where Anneliese had gotten sick. Ugh!
  • Our clocks went back last night. Most of our clocks self adjust, but the microwave, stove, coffee maker, and family room clock all needed to be reset. Done!
  • I really have been enjoying my Alexa Echo 5. It’s the perfect bedside clock/radio/information box. I listen to music, ask Alexa questions, and get the time and temperature. Very handy!
  • Our leaves are falling fast and soon they will be all on the ground. Between the clocks falling back, the fact that it gets dark so early, and that it is so cold, I’m feeling a wee bit on the grim side.
  • Still, I wish you all a very Happy Monday and also have a great week ahead!


One thought on “The Weekend Wrap”

  1. Two very beautiful photos. It is so annoying having to manually adjust clocks. I think I have finished it all now a few weeks after daylight saving began. I hope you enjoyed your extra hour.

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