The Weekend Wrap ~ February 15th

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This past weekend was Valentine’s Day. I bought Jack a new snow shovel, and I bought myself a dozen long stem yellow roses. My personal favorite. I made Jack a steak and myself a nice piece of haddock and we washed this down with Cook’s Brut Champagne.

20210214_185551It is a cheap bottle, but for some reason, both Jack and I noted that the taste was actually pretty darn good for a California bottled champagne!

20210214_125236This weekend was also our Ice Fishing Derby here in Meredith. It was odd as there was only about a quarter of usual entries. We did have a “Bob House” just below us on the ice, and this must have been a family gathering because at one point I counted 14 people/children and two black labradors. They were having such a great time.

I also watched the movie “Dr. Zhivago” with Omar Sharif. I think this was his greatest role. He could convey so many emotions with just his eyes. And Julie Christie as Lara was simply amazing!

Watching this movie always makes me think of a friend, who has been gone a very long time now. It was his favorite movie. This was all about a time in history that he knew so much about.

I am still worried about Arnie. He is eating, but he cries a great deal of the time. Due to holidays and snowstorms, I may have to wait to take him until Wednesday, but I think that I will be taking him in for a health check.

I hope your week is happy, healthy, and that you all stay safe.

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4 thoughts on “The Weekend Wrap ~ February 15th”

  1. Might Arnie have arthritis and in some pain?
    Your Valentine Day sounds pretty good.
    Omar Sharif was so handsome.
    I think I am warned off Californian wine. We try to buy Australian wine anyway.

  2. I should rewatch Dr. Zhivago. I haven’t seen it since it in decades. Your roses are beautiful! Hubs always tries to get me yellow roses as I love them so much, but this year he bought red and they are the most gorgeous reds I think I’ve ever seen. I love fresh flowers, especially this time of year.

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