The Weekend Wrap ~ March 1st

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After writing my Friday Five, I was off to spend a little quality time with my two grandchildren. I left early on Friday morning and drove quite happily down the highway to Mandy and Matt’s home.

I was feeling rather lighthearted as I drove along. I have not driven this route since Christmas Day, and it was so nice seeing all the spots that I know so well.

I arrived early, and as this was school vacation, both Savi and Quinn were home and ready to greet me!


I’d brought a craft project for us to work on (which was not a big hit) and I also brought with me stories I’d written some time ago about my first dachshund called “The Shubi Tales”.


Those they liked and I ended up reading to them for a while. (Note to self: Go through these stories now and correct punctuation and grammar!)


We had lunch, played a new game I’d gotten called “Memory Chess”, which was quite fun. My little darlings ganged up on poor Oma and beat me! But this game is a good one and we enjoyed it.

Late in the afternoon, we all got ready, and off we went for our first restaurant meal since this Covid Nightmare began.


We went to “The Tuscan Village” where they had these marvelous Igloos outside, where you could have your meal. The Igloos are disinfected between customers and are also lit with Christmas lights that change color and are also heated.


I had this marvelous cocktail, an Espresso Martini. It is deceptively delicious and one does not quite realize it packs quite a punch. I had two! And I will say, standing up found me feeling a little light-headed. Thank goodness I was not driving!

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Mandy and I shared an appetizer of Calamari, and we each had a wonderful haddock with risotto. Also, Matt had gotten Asparagus on his plate and I took that as he cannot eat Asparagus.


Now I should have stopped there, but I splurged and ate cannolis! They were delicious, but I am sure I will burn in WW hell for this meal! However, that being said, it was so spectacular to be out, in such a festive environment eating such delicious food!


Afterward, Savi’s friend arrived and we were watching the new “Tom & Jerry” cartoon when Mandy asked if this green plastic cup was mine? Yes, yes it was. I opened it, only to find my dental retainer gone!

We looked around and there was Mandy’s dog, Winter, with my retainer in her mouth! The funny thing was it almost looked like she was wearing false teeth!

121145430_10224305565808472_3681275407093831164_nDo not let this innocent face fool you!

We jumped up and Mandy went one way and I went the other in hopes of capturing the dog! That little American Eskimo puppy was so fast that she outran us both! Fortunately, Savi’s friend, Kinsley, grabbed the dog and we got the retainer back, completely unharmed.

I did not put it back into my mouth, however, until I had brought it home and completely sanitized it!

The next morning, I woke early and looked outside. It was snowing! In fifteen minutes the road was covered, so I jumped into my clothes and loaded my car (remembering all the stuff I had forgotten at Christmas), and began my trip home.

The roads were not good. I’d expected the back roads to be messy but hoped the main highway would be easily drivable. This was not the case. As I traveled further north the roads became worse and worse. I never drove over 45 miles an hour. There were crazy drivers who sped by going 65-75 MPH, and I am sure that one or two of them were the ones I saw off the road in a ditch. Why do people do this?

I stopped and shopped, for groceries and gasoline and then proceeded home. I’d departed Mandy’s at 7 AM and after shopping and the drive, I did not get home until 11:30. But I did it! And not a skid or slip along the way!

The rest of the weekend I watched mindless TV and cooked meals. Oh yes, and the inevitable laundry, that seems to multiply overnight!

The week will be filled with doctors and dental appointments. The usual when one is advancing into their later years!

My hope is that New Hampshire will get enough vaccines so that people over the age of 60 will be eligible sooner. (currently, my group will be in May or June) Right now our neighboring State of Maine considers 60+-year-olds being in a high-risk group, while New Hampshire sees us being just as hearty as a 55-year-old. Trust me, this is not the case for most people I know.

So that is it for my Weekend Wrap! Have a good week everyone!


3 thoughts on “The Weekend Wrap ~ March 1st”

  1. New York is vaccinating people under 65 if they have comorbidities. I got my first shot this weekend.

    Now that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been approved, you may find availability increases. I hope you can get your shot soon.

  2. Got my first 2 weeks ago and the second will be in 2 weeks. Got in because of working with high risk folks and delivering meals on wheels for elder services. Jack has had both.

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