Getting Back To Life

In March of 2020, we were all told to stay home and not go out unless we had to get food or medication. It was during this time I found myself getting up each day, and putting on a pair of leggings and a long-sleeve comfy top. Who am I kidding? These clothes were pretty much like pajamas and I wore them all day every day. And so it has been every day (except summer when I wore shorts and a tank top) since.

Well, today I got up and put on a pair of jeans and a real shirt. I wore actual socks and wait for it…my sneakers, not my slippers!

I actually felt good. The slight after-effects of my second Covid Vaccine had disappeared and I felt awake and actually pretty darn good!

I know the virus is still out there. I know it will be until people realize that like Polio, we must vaccinate to get a grip on the problem.

I am here. I have had both shots. So has Jack. So have so many of my dear ones. We are here, we are healthy and we are trying to get on with life.

I know that people are free to make up their own minds, but it does bother me because they are putting not only their lives at risk but the lives of my young grandchildren who are not old enough for vaccines.

I have told you the story of my Grand-Aunt, Kätchen. She was just 22 and 9 months pregnant with her first child when she contracted the Spanish Flu in 1918.

KachenHad they had a vaccine, if people had worn masks, if there was a cure, if, if, if. This beautiful woman died far too young, as did her unborn baby. I wish people could look at Covid-19 and ask what they can do to stop the spread of the virus.


2 thoughts on “Getting Back To Life”

  1. Kätchen looks like a film star. I don’t know a lot but here during the Spanish flu here, people were isolated, stayed home and wore rudimentary masks.

  2. So glad you’re vaccinated , Maribeth (and Jack, too!). We’ve been so cautious, also out of respect for other people. We all have to watch out for each other during this pandemic!

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