So Much To Be Thankful & Grateful For

I was thinking today about all the people and places and things I am grateful for. You know, over the last year I have really reevaluated what is important to me and what I am grateful for.

One of the biggest things I am thankful for is my Cell Phone. With my Cell Phone, I can call anyone I want, talk as long as I want and not feel so separate from everyone during the Covid Pandemic.

I am also grateful for my home. I have a roof over my head, in a Town that is safe, and during the Virus our merchants have done all they could do to provide us food, fuel, and household supplies in a safe way.

I am grateful for the good health I have had over the last year. Aside from a few minor colds, I am well, and able to care for Jack and the hounds!

I am grateful for my family. As wonderful and crazy and distant as they all are. Somehow we have made it through this time, still loving each other and still being there for each other, even if it is only by phone, text, or Facetime.

I am also grateful for Streaming Services that have allowed me to be entertained during this time.

And I am also thankful and grateful for a small group of women from my original WW Class, who, along with me, were determined to watch their weight and stay healthy during this time. We met outside until the snow blew, and then met online for Zoom Meetings.

There is more I am thankful for, but the list is so long I would be here all night listing it all. I will just say that I feel very grateful to have found the life I have after a year of total change.

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2 thoughts on “So Much To Be Thankful & Grateful For”

  1. People in western countries have a lot to be grateful for, and for most if they followed good care practices over the last year, they are ok. I recognise some people have just been unlucky about circumstances beyond their control.

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