The Friday Five ~ May 7th

Friday Five 1This week was a fairly busy one, so as I sit here writing, I can’t quite believe it is already Friday! So, here goes!

  1. ‘Tis the season for Auto Inspections. We have two cars, so we made appointments to bring them in. Both passed with flying colors and now that job is done for the year.
  2. It was Jack’s Birthday and food was eaten. Good food! Sinful food! So the day after I hopped back on the WW wagon, and I am really working at getting back into the program. It is so easy to fall off the wagon. And not so easy to get back on.
  3. I am off to the Veterinarians this morning with Arnie. Poor guy is still not feeling well. So I will bring a urine sample in, and they will do a complete senior doggy exam, complete with a blood draw and CBC. At 14 1/2 years old I worry so much about him. Regular check-ups are a must.
  4. I discovered a great recipe. It for WW Eggplant & Vegetable Pizza. For all of 1 point! I made it on Wednesday and it was so good! Since I had leftover veggies I decided to have it again today.
  5. We are finally having sunny weather. Not that it is too warm, but it sure is nice to see the sunshine! And after all that rain, everything is very green and the grass will soon need to be mowed.

Have a wonderful weekend, Everyone!

Maribeth Dackel

3 thoughts on “The Friday Five ~ May 7th”

  1. I normally try to leave positive comments but your eggplant and vegetable pizza sounds ghastly.

  2. LOL, Andrew. I was thinking the pizza sounded great! Funny how everyone has such different tastes. Makes the world interesting!

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