The Weekend Wrap ~ June 1st

The weekend wrap 2It was a busy weekend here in New Hampshire due to the Memorial Day Holiday. Our hotels were filled, the campsites too, and traffic was a nightmare! I went out on Sunday to get a few things and then retreated to the house to keep away from all the Tourists.

It was odd though, that so many people came up to the Lakes Region. You see, it was not the best weather here at all. It rained and was cold to the point where I actually turned on our heat last night.

I felt bad for the people who run the annual Memorial Day Craft Fair in our town. I’m sure many of the Crafters canceled. Really, it was that bad!

I am feeling better and Arnie also seems to be doing well. We started him on Cranberry Extract with pumpkin seed extract and a few other things and after almost 2 weeks he seems more comfortable. At least I pray this is true.

I am still working on learning about my new phone. I try to learn a few things each day. It’s amazing how many things change on phones in just a few years!

A lot of things going on this week for me. So there won’t be too much of a chance to lie about and be lazy. Sometimes that is very good.

Have a great week, Everyone.

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