Strange Things Happening!

Usually, my days begin easily. I put out the bird feeders, walk the hounds, and make the coffee. Currently, I sit down and while sipping my coffee, I am watching “Wimbledon” tennis feeds on the satellite. I just love to watch tennis. It is such a beautiful sport!

Jack got up, I made him breakfast, and then dashed out to buy bird food, groceries and get the mail. I mean this is pretty usual stuff.

Upon arriving back home, I made lunch and then decided to cut up the chicken thighs to put in my fajita marinade, as we plan on having fajitas for dinner.

I opened my cabinet and went to bring out my large glass dish and cover, as this is perfect for the job. As I lifted the glass dish it suddenly snapped and I thought I saw a shard of glass fly upwards. Then I felt like my nose was running. I touched my nose with my hand, and when I looked at my hand, it was covered in blood!

I grabbed a paper towel and raced into the bathroom! Sure enough, I had a cut just under my nose, that wasn’t too big, but was rather deep. It took me over half an hour to get the bleeding stopped. And after a bit, I realized that my cut actually hurt!

It was such a freak thing. When was the last time that something flew upwards to your face and cut it? I swear I am the only person I know who does weird stuff like this!

It’s craziness I tell you…craziness!

Once I got the bleeding under control, I went back to cutting up the chicken and marinating it in another container. Fajitas will be served at 7 PM for dinner!

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