12 Weeks

Our new baby, Heidi is now 12 weeks old.


She loves:

  1.  to run around the family room in circles until she collapses.
  2.  chewing, anything she can get her mouth on.
  3. meals times. I have never met a dackel that didn’t love to eat.
  4. snow. I know, go figure. She has these short little legs and is often dragging her belly through the snow, but she hops and jumps and plays!
  5. going for a car ride. Currently, she is in her little carrier bag, but I am looking at car seats with restraints for her.
  6. cuddling. After her rigorous play times, she either collapses on me or next to me.
  7. thwarting all my attempts at dackel-proofing our kitchen and family room. Last night she had broken through all my well-thought-out blockades and escaped under the sofa, in the back of my chair,  where she scurried about and barked. Let’s just say I was at my wit’s end. I finally took it all apart and rebuilt it. For the moment she is puzzled!
  8. her new Daddy. It’s been a slow start, but yesterday after Mommy was undone about the blockade, she was kissing up to him like you would not believe!
  9. Lili. Lili is still uncertain about this maniacal little creature, but at this point, Heidi isn’t biting her and pulling out her hair (progress) so they are starting to have a relationship.
  10. all the doggy toys and chews! Like all toddlers, every toy and bone belongs to her. Poor Lili. I keep working to make sure Lili gets her own bones.

Well, that’s my shortlist of Heidi’s loves at 12 weeks old. She is doing well with her house training, and her sleeping is better too. Baby-steps!


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