The Friday Five ~ January 21st

20200206_160117Here we are another week gone by. It’s been so cold here in New Hampshire that Jack and I live in long underwear with layers over them, and for me, a blanket too. Besides freezing up here, this week, this is what’s going on in my world.

  1. On Monday we called to order oil for the tank. We were down to just below a quarter of a tank, and with single-digit- below zero temperatures we knew that wouldn’t last long. On Thursday we were very nervous about running out, then the Oilman cometh! 219 gallons later, we are no longer worried about that and having to deal with freezing pipes.
  2. It’s been fun to watch Lili and Heidi become friends. Although Heidi can still bug Lili when they play.20220119_160133
    Mostly, they play together nicely. Lili allows Heidi to lick at her and snuggle her.20220116_093908

    Heidi will roll on her back telling Lili that she means no harm. And Lili starts playing once again.

  3. Heidi went to the Vet on Thursday for her shots. She weighed in at 11 pounds. I guess this means she’s eating well here and likes her new home. Our Veterinarians love her and joke that they would take her in a heartbeat!
  4. I am slowly starting to feel better from the Flu. This has been a tough one to kick. I am sure glad I went and was tested for Covid, Strep, and the Flu, or I would have mistakenly thought I had Covid.
  5. I’ve been home for a few weeks now, but aside from the dirty clothes that I removed from my suitcase, the case is not unpacked. I plan to set aside time tomorrow to unpack it and put the case away. I don’t see myself traveling now for a while.

So there we go. This week’s Friday Five. All good and positive things as we head into the weekend.

I hope you all are well and enjoying your days. And most of all, I hope that Covid departs very soon!

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