The Weekend Wrap ~ January 24th

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The weekend was a busy one. Despite the frigidly cold temperatures and my continued flu/cold, I managed to make meals and bring Heidi to commune with nature. And even with all the ice around my house, I have managed to slide and not fall. All positives!20220123_083054
Me and my girl. (Please don’t look too closely at me. I know I look terrible. I call this Flu Face!)

I dragged out my food scales, planned my menus for each meal, and currently have two days under my belt.

Heidi is growing and changing each day. I know her schedule pretty well, and I make sure to walk her then, as well as watch for signs that she needs to go out.


She is pretty smart and thanks to her breeder, who kept the puppies meticulously clean, Heidi came to me wanting this. I used just two of the puppy pads that I had, and then after a few days of her totally ignoring them and actually sitting by the door, I chucked them.

Heidi loves the sunshine and will sit anywhere there is the warmth of the sun. She also loves her toys and her chew bones. In fact, the little devil will beg for her chew toys, and then when I give one to her and to Lili, she will run off with her bone, and then rush back and steal Lili’s bone!

20220122_124841I love how the winter sunshine dances on her coat, making it appear almost reddish/gold.

I am buying her only things made in the USA, and sourced here as well. Her food does cost a bit more, but it is made here. The chew bones I get are also made here. It’s all about reading the fine print.

So that wraps up the weekend. Slow and steady as Heidi adjusts and I work to feel better.


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