The Friday Five ~ September 2nd

The Friday FiveHey, it’s September! Can you believe that? I’m not sure I can. For me, it feels like the days are just slipping by. So let’s just get to the week’s Friday Five!

  1. Over the weekend I started to feel poorly. I figured it was nothing and sort of ignored it. But by Wednesday I was tired from coughing so hard, and just wanted to sleep.
  2. This presented a problem because my asthma kicked in and breathing was becoming problematic, as well as the cough, which left me breathless and with a headache that made me feel like my head would explode.
  3. So, I got myself together and went to the walk-in clinic. No Covid. Yay! But things were not good. Bronchitis and pneumonia. I was ordered to go home. To rest. To take my meds.
  4. I have slept the better part of two days and done almost nothing. I am still coughing and yes, feeling sick. But I am hopeful that the meds will help kick this.
  5. Meanwhile, tomorrow I get fitted for my heart monitor test. I have just one request for the rest of September: for my good health to return.

Have a great weekend and a happy, healthy, and safe Labor Day Weekend!

Heidi Marie

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