The Sunday Six

Usually, I end my week with a Friday Five. This week my days were filled and by the time Friday rolled around I was asleep by 8:30-9:00 every night. So, here are the six things that made up my somewhat crazy week.

  1. I was taking care of Jack and his kidney stone all week. Not only was this hands-on care which included calling doctor’s offices trying to get help. No one was returning my calls or secure email. Call me frustrated.
  2. Jack was weak from the pain. I tried my best to keep him hydrated, but he wasn’t eating much.
  3. By Friday I needed food. Not a big shopping, but some easy food to eat. I told Jack that my plan was this: if he got worse over the weekend, I would drive him across the state to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. I felt quite helpless, but I know after 3:30 in the afternoon, you are most likely not going to hear from your doctor. So off I went.
  4. I picked up a week’s worth of mail, milk and bread, and some muffins. Then I headed home. I walked in about 5 minutes after the nurse called from Jack’s doctor’s office. He was a little confused, but fortunately, she sent me an email.
  5. A friend kind of called me out on leaving Jack to go to the store if he was so ill, but my gosh, part of my being a good caregiver is preparing foods he can eat and things he can drink.
  6. As of midnight on Saturday Jack says he thinks the Kidney stone has moved as his pain is not as acute. He is exhausted and will likely sleep until 3:00-4:00 this afternoon. The next step is to make sure the stone works its way out.  Meanwhile, today I am doing laundry, and napping myself. It has been one crazy, stressful, and busy week!


3 thoughts on “The Sunday Six”

  1. Of course it was fine to leave briefly to go to the store! Sheesh!
    Hope today brings more improvement.

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