The Friday Five ~ April 28th

The Friday FiveQuite honestly, I am glad the week is over. Jack is feeling better and life is moving forward. As Friday dawns on us, here are the things I am happy about!

  1. As I said, Jack is well, and although he is still weak at least the pain is gone.
  2. I’ve been able to keep up with my meal preparations and some laundry. Over the weekend I want to curl up and take some nice naps, as well as finish up the throw rugs, washing and hanging them outside.
  3. Heidi is doing so well on a new dog chow. I am so pleased. I was worried about her, but it seems the worst is over.
  4. I ordered a pack of three doggy toys. They are just like the one that Heidi came to us with, which is her favorite. I gave her one and gave one to Lili. The next thing I knew Heidi had Lili’s toy, her new toy, and her old toy all in her mouth! Oh, it made me laugh!
  5. Yesterday was the 14th birthday of Anneliese’s pups. Baron, Bogart, Baerbel, and Birgit (Ali). All four are still with us. It makes me so happy because I know, I bred good hunters who were also very healthy. All the pups from three litters made it to 14+ years old. And one, Angelika in Greta’s first litter lived until she was almost 15!

So this wraps up another week. I hope you are enjoying the days wherever you may be.


One thought on “The Friday Five ~ April 28th”

  1. So glad Jack is doing better!!!~~oh but if only you’d gotten a pic of Heidi with all those toys in her mouth!!

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