The Friday Five Plus One ~ August 25th

The Friday FiveThis is the last Friday Five of August.  I’ve been feeling entirely lost, but my sister, and especially my brother-in-law, came up and took charge. They helped me go through bookcases and piles of junk, and we filled a huge dumpster, and the house was starting to feel open and lighter. We also brought six large bags of clothing to a charity shop. Here are some of the highlights.

  1. A few weeks back, I ordered a new car. Jack and I had been talking about it, and my new beauty arrived. I got a 2023 Toyota Highlander XLE.a2566a13-73b6-487e-b756-7c5a5c02d4ce She is black with a black interior, a backup camera, and all the bells and whistles. She drives beautifully, and best of all, I got a great trade-in for my old Highlander.
  2. My sister and brother-in-law leave today. They have things going for a few weeks but will be back in October.370031767_10161207672571499_3234463726634511189_n

    I am so blessed to have them. Thank you!

  3. The phrase “No, don’t throw that away! You might need to use that before you die!” is no longer to be used in this house! Ron had me memorize “Throw, Sell, or Keep.”  I also asked myself if this item brought me joy. I threw out a lot!
  4. Some Foxes and Kits have been visiting our yard. Oh, what fun it is to watch them play! I took this picture of one of them.369730574_10161208633771499_7972553987286004413_n

    Probably the best one ever!

  5. We worked hard all day. So, at night, we did our evening meals out. We had Turkey and Lobster, and tonight was actually breakfast for dinner—an all-time favorite of mine.
  6. It’s been wonderful that Heidi is crate trained. In fact, she likes to go in there and sleep. Since Jack passed, there have been days when I have needed to protect her from my crazy German Shepherd! It’s been good. If I had one thing to tell the new puppy owner, is this: Crate train your puppy. You never know when you might need this!

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