The Friday Five ~ October 13th

The Friday FiveLife is crazy right now, so I will jump in and write the five.

  1. The health insurance drama goes on. They took payments directly from my bank and applied them to the couple’s account. Without telling me, they set up a widows account. So the widow’s account is in the red while the couple’s account is in the green. I have been trying to resolve this since August, but nothing is happening. I will engage a lawyer if I cannot resolve this on Monday.
  2. I had a problem with the sewer system and had to call my plumber. He worked so hard, and looks like everything is okay now.
  3. Things are very quiet here. I invited another widow lady to breakfast. They both were close to Jack’s age, and her husband passed away before Jack. It was a nice breakfast.
  4. The air conditioners are out for the winter. Once the heat goes on, the air conditioners come out.
  5. I will admit that I am very lonely. My grief overwhelms me at times. Not wishing Jack was still here. He was so ill, so that had to be. But I’m alone, and although I am trying very hard to fill my days, there are days I am not too successful.

Ah well, another week gone by.


2 thoughts on “The Friday Five ~ October 13th”

  1. These are the tough days. Keep busy like you do and then hunker down for winter with your pups. You are surrounded by those that love you.

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