The Friday Five December 1st

This week, I decided to go slowly in my life. No rushing, no craziness. And I can report, at the end of this week, that progress has been made. So, here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. On Monday, as I have written, I went to the Social Security Office in Concord. It remains to be seen if I was successful in convincing them that I am alive, But I am hopeful.
  2. I picked up my mail on Tuesday. I have found that there are days that I see nothing but pieces of horrific, depressing crap! On Tuesday, this was the case.
  3. The company my husband worked for before he retired sent me a bill! Now, I am on Medicare, and they are no longer involved in my healthcare, but they think I owe them $1800.00! I called, and they are investigating!
  4. I went out for an Asian Fusion luncheon.2023-11-30_08-12-01It was so much fun, my friend invited me, and it was great.
  5. Today, two things are happening. I ordered new end tables for the family room, and I am taking another friend to lunch for her birthday!

Life isn’t perfect, but it is getting better. Have a great weekend!

Screenshot_20231130_201307_Vacation Countdown

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