On The Open Seas

Sunday we arrived at the airport with plenty of time to check in and get to our gate. We went through the usual rigmarole, with Hubby’s artificial knees and my laptop computer, but soon enough we were sitting at the gate…waiting.

Just about the time that we expected to board our flight we learned that there was a mechanical problem with the plane, so they were moving it and bringing in another one. This took about one and a half hours, but once done we were quickly loaded onto the plane and off we went.

I must say that Jet Blue was terrific. Comfortable seats, friendly flight attendants and “free snacks”. The flight was so pleasant it reminded me of days gone by when air travel was a pleasure.

When we arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico, we picked up our bags and as we headed to the taxi stand we noticed another couple with “Princess” tags on their bags. We started talking and ended up splitting a cab to the ship!

Our room is beautiful! It’s large with a balcony, queen size bed and sofa. Hubby and I each have our own TV’s although it seems rather odd to have two of them in the room.

Nov 17 08 one year later

Lunch for us was very late and I was able to stay nice and strong and not go off the deep end and eat countless pieces of cheesecake! After lunch we walked all over the ship checking out nearly every nook and cranny! The neatest thing is a jumbo screen TV in the pool and hot tub area! I plan to go tomorrow and watch “The Bucket List” while we swim.

Nov. 17 at sea 017

We had, of course, the safety check where everyone meets at their “Muster Station” to go over all the safety tips on the ship. Immediately after that we headed up to the top of the ship for a seafood special buffet. Wonderful shrimp, crab, and lobster! Yes, I was a very happy girl. Dessert was sweet melons.

We’re due to depart in about an hour. We’re unpacked, and all settled into our room. It feels wonderful!

Nov. 17 at sea 002

We departed San Juan just after 11 PM. I went outside on the balcony and watched us depart and just as Hubby began to come out it started to rain. So we came in and watched the departure on TV.

November 17th

We slept until 7:30 and woke to a bright, sunny day with almost no wave action. Good thing I have my patches. This is just the sort of slight rolling seas that will make me feel sick! However, my stomach feels great!

We went up to the sprawling Breakfast buffet, where we each ordered different foods. I ordered a Spanish Omelet, and selected many slices of fruit, while Hubby enjoyed a more traditional breakfast of sausage, eggs, and pancakes!

After breakfast we went to the promenade deck and walked around it for a while. The seas began to get a little more chop to them. So far, so good, no seasickness!

Nov. 17 at sea 010

After checking out the ship we came back to our room for a little water and coca cola. All that walking sure made us feel dry.

We have a really great cabin steward named Dennis. He has the sweetest personality and seems to always be there when we need him, and then disappears again when we want to be alone.

We went to the sit down luncheon today and sat with a nice couple from Scotland. We shared stories of our trips to Scotland with them and they told us all about their travels in the states.

After lunch we got into our swim suits and went to the Jumbo TV where we watched “The Bucket List” and swam in the pool. It rained a little, mostly just light mist, so no one left the area. The movie was really a good one.

Nov. 17 at sea 018

Nov. 17 at sea 023

Tonight we will dress up and go to The Captains welcome party. It a gather amid ships of all the other passengers and the senior crew to welcome everyone on board. After that we head to the dining room for our first formal dinner.

I think we will walk again once we finish our dinner and then go to the Jumbo screen TV and watch “Mama Mia” under the stars!

9 thoughts on “On The Open Seas”

  1. Ah you are making me long for the open seas again. Your ship looks beautiful and the balcony is really a nice thing. We had a room with one when we went a few years ago. What a treat to see Mama Mia out on the Jumbo screen. I’ve asked for it for Christmas. I haven’t seen it yet.

  2. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time!!

    Does Hubby have a special card for his artificial knee so he can show people when he goes through security?

  3. It sounds so lovely! Have a wonderful time and I will look forward to catching up when we return from our trip. If the return plane is overbooked we may opt for an extra day. Love YOU, Mel

  4. WOW! Your room is BIG compared to what I’ve HEARD ship rooms are like. (of course, I’ve never seen one!) I could easily do that! Looks like you are doing a GREAT job of having a splendid time! Carry on! I can’t wait to see you all dolled up!

  5. hi Mom,

    You look great and sounds like you are having a fabulous time so far! I’m so happy things are going well. I’m in Houston at MD Anderson working today, and through most of the week, but really, just want to be home (getting settled after the move). I hated leaving the house in chambles the way that I did yesterday.

    Lots of love,


  6. It sounds and looks fantastic, Maribeth!! so glad you are having a grand time and thanks for sharing all the fun and excitement!! So, what are you wearing for the formal dinner??

  7. Ok… rub it in a little more, that whilst you’re off enjoying the ‘high seas’ here we are at work slaving away… lol

    Seriously, it looks great! You are both looking very relaxed and enjoying the cruise. Pity about the plane having to be changed…

    Enjoy the rest of the trip, and post LOTS of pics too!

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