Our ship arrived in Aruba very early on Tuesday morning. Once we had tied up Hubby and I glanced out our balcony and say another ship docked right behind us. This was totally amazing because it almost looked like we were on top of each other! I assure you, no tourist was hurt during the dockings of these two ships!

Nov. 18 Aruba 001

Nov. 18 Aruba 002

Once we’d had breakfast, we headed down to get off the boat. Today was our submarine day. I think I have mentioned that I am terribly claustrophobic. Well, instead of thinking of all that water being on top of me, I just kept looking down at the beautiful fish and coral as we had our tours.

The trip brought us down 130 feet before returning us to the surface. As we were waiting to leave and go in on the speed boat, we watched tour #2 load and then submerge. I told Hubby that it was a good thing I hadn’t seen it before we actually did it because I would be totally ill!

Nov. 18 Aruba 030

Nov. 18 Aruba 033

I wish the pictures had come out better, sadly it just wasn’t light enough, but we got a few.

Nov. 18 Aruba 017

On our way back to the Caribbean Princess we got this great shot of the ship! Isn’t it lovely? Hubby sure does excellent work!

Nov. 18 Aruba 042

After lunch, we headed out to down town Oranjestadt, Aruba. We were here last year during our Panama Canal trip and I wanted to go back and get a couple of table linens for the house.

It was hot, however! Very, very hot! We walked up and down the streets and finally found the little linen shop called “Little Holland”. I got my table clothes and then we stopped in and picked up a couple of six packs of diet soda for our room.

Nov. 18 Aruba 092

Nov. 18 Aruba 094

Hubby took these pictures as we headed back to the ship. You can see me with my sunhat and tan shorts and blue tank top on in the pictures. Despite covering up and using sunscreen, I did get quite a bit of sun today.

Tonight our plans include dinner in the Island Dining room and perhaps a show afterward. It’s a casual night so I can slip on a pair of casual pants and blouse to attend the meal. Last night we dressed for dinner complete with my new shoes! I looked marvelous! (LOL)

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  1. It sounds wonderful-was even cold here this AM-37 degrees an d frost on the pumpkin!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy for the winter is coming and will be long and cold but you will have very sunny, warm memories to keep you going.

  2. Dearest Maribeth,
    Thank you so much for the entries about the trip! It makes me happy you have such a great time! Enjoy your trip my dear! LOve and hugs Uschi

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