It wasn’t a very productive day today. Besides walking dogs, and cooking meals, I’m not sure I did much else that was useful today.

I think it all sort of caught up to me. I just felt tired.

I did watch a few episodes of “What Not To Wear”, and I decided that their hairdresser sure could use a refresher course on restyling hair.

I watched the news and decided that I was glad I was home in my nice warm house and not standing on some railroad platform waiting……….

I made a batch of black bean soup, only to discover that it wasn’t really a great recipe after all.

I went through my closet and took out the clothes that no longer fit me and set them aside. Some for friends and some for charity.

I stripped the extra fur off the ears of Arnie and Greta, and picked up piles of Fritz fur off the floor. Wow, that dog can shed!

I got the mail and picked up some groceries to finish off the weekend, before doing a big shopping next week.


I was pretty productive today, wasn’t I? Well, no wonder I’m tired! I think I need to tell Hubby I need a vacation! All this work and no play makes Maribeth a dull girl!


Tomorrow I will be doing a post on my new jacket. I will be taking a picture of me in it, and then you can all vote if I should keep it or give it to Mandy. Personally, I love the jacket, but I’m going to let you all decide.

8 thoughts on “Saturday”

  1. That doesn’t really look like an exciting day ! That happens to me too, especially in winter. I wished we were 2 or 3 months later ! Mr. Gattino has to have a surgery on his carotide and has to go to the hospital on Jan 21 the surgery is then the next day. Nice days to come for me …

  2. Your day was productive but tiring-work things not fun things.
    Sunday is a day of rest-do it!! for yourself. Carol

  3. Can’t wait to vote for the jacket. Mandy will have all her friends vote for her getting it, it’s so nice. Maybe you can co own it and each wear it for part of the year. Or send it around so others can wear it, ME, ME, ME! And we can write a book about the “Traveling Jacket”. Love YOU, Mel

  4. Yea… you need a vacation! I think you should like … take a CRUISE or something! (and take me with you!) I can’t wait to see the jacket! YAY!

  5. It has been snowing here today. “Luckily” I’m indoors recovering from the flu and don’t have to go out. Don’t want snow, so I hope it will melt again.

    I’m trying to catch up after both being away and being ill – it takes some time!

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