The Great Jacket Poll

Good Morning Everyone. Today we have an important task. We must decide whether or not this jacket is a good selection for the Dackel Princess, or should her daughter, Mandy get this gem.
I am leaving it up to you, so take a moment and vote and I will let you all know tomorrow what happens.

Jan 17 014

Jan 17 011

19 thoughts on “The Great Jacket Poll”

  1. Sorry, Gattina, but I think that the jacket looks great, but not with the shirt/turtle neck underneath…

    I think that, the top photo, looks great, a great length, the cut and style is VERY flattering and it is also quite slimming!

    Bad luck Mandy, this should stay with mum!

    This, of course, is a guys point of view… Take it with a grain of salt…!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. I agree with Bernie-the jacket is ageless and looks wonderful on you. I understand the turtleneck for warmth but a jewel neckline underneath would be better. Keep it and enjoy. Carol

  3. I, too, voted to keep it. I like the cut of it as it makes you look slim waisted. Even the fabric is flattering to you. I also like your hair. It looks very pretty.

  4. I think it’s VERY pretty and it goes with your hair and complexion beautifully. As someone said, it would look even better over a top with a rounded neckline, maybe in a dark red or denim colour for contrast. To me the top photo looks a bit bare, if you know what I mean – the v-neckline needs something – maybe a little necklace?

  5. I’m with Bernie – it’s a lot more flattering with a lower neckline shirt. I don’t think it’s an age thing, more of an “are you comfortable with a flashy jacket” thing. Personally it’s not my taste for myself but I think it suits you well and really shows off that cute figure you worked so hard for.

  6. That jacket is FABULOUS! Don’t you DARE give it away! It looks soooooo good on you! (I am with the others – the turtleneck is not the best — maybe if the jacket were OPEN – but not zipped up. But that is a great piece of clothing! Sorry Mandy!

  7. I agree with all the others: Keep it! It looks fabulous on you and shows of your wonderful new slim figure. You well deserve to be a little more daring with your clothes.

    I also agree that a shirt with a lower neckline looks better underneath.

  8. Keep it! It really suits you and especially your hair- and eye color. You look absolutely great in it, though I agree that you should have something other underneath it. I even think that it looks very cool on you, maybe it’s a new style of yours….

  9. Tricky question as I think it looks fabulous on (as everything does!), but I’m sure it would look great on Mandy too. Can’t you share? πŸ˜‰

  10. I absolutely love the Jacket on you. You MUST keep
    I like it better without the turtleneck..and maybe a nice necklace….
    Viele Gruesse,

  11. I agree with Gattina… don’t like it on you (and most likely not on Mandy either). I don’t think it does anything flattering for you at all – can’t see your waist line and seems to make you look rather straight up and down, particularly in the second picture. Just my opinion though, please don’t be offended. πŸ™‚

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