Greta Scared Me

The last 24 hours have been scary. We were sitting watching TV Monday night when Greta, who was lying next to me, started shaking her head back and forth rhythmically. (almost like Parkinson’s disease) I would speak to her, and she looked at me and when I picked her up she would stop. This kept happening over and over again during the evening. I was so worried. Was this a seizure? What was wrong with my baby, Greta?
This morning, she was still doing this, but she seemed listless and tired too. Now I was really worried.
I brought a bag of peaches over to the Vet and talked with them about the problem. No fever, came on suddenly, no other big symptoms besides the head shaking. He said to watch her and see if it got better with a little quiet time.
So I kept her quiet all day and slowly I noticed that the head shaking stopped. Since this happened, I think the Vets best guess, that she must have played too hard and stressed a nerve in her neck is probably what happened.
But for 24 hours I was scared to death about what could be wrong. Tonight, I am happy to report she is right as can be and running around the house as usual again.

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  1. awww!! you poor thing! I know just how that is! Our Sarah is our pride and joy! lol…She had a bad toothache so she started snipping at people, and we thought she was losing it! It was horrible.

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