When Blog Friends Get Together

Monday afternoon I met up with Robin and her son up town. Robin’s parents live in the same town that I do, and she has been visiting with them this summer. Today we got together for a little shopping and talking. Robin’s handsome and truly adorable son, Itai came with her and what a true gentleman he is!

Aug 24 001

We walked along the docks and enjoyed the sunshine and warmth of the afternoon. Itai was hungry so we sat while he had a hot-dog and chatted while he ate.

It’s always wonderful when you get to see your blog friends. We all know each other in a way that is a little different than people you meet in other ways. And there is always something to talk about.

Aug 24 002

Itai took this picture of Robin and me. I think he did a great job. He centered it and didn’t cut off our feet or anything! All I did was re-size it for the blog. Good job Itai!


And lastly, Greta just gets bigger and bigger!

Aug 24 006

I just can’t believe how large she is. I hope she has those babies by the weekend or she just may pop!

11 thoughts on “When Blog Friends Get Together”

  1. Sounds like a nice time! AND Greta sure looks ready to POP! Call me the minute she gets started! Love YOU, Mel

  2. Ah, another blogger meeting 🙂 Yes, it’s really great to meet friends this way that you never would have met otherwise! You look so great all of you and has such nice smiles. Great photos.

    Oooops, Greta is getting bigger! How exciting! Again!

  3. I don’t know exactly which Blog Robin has, it seems to me that I know her name. Yes it is very nice to meet a blog friend when it works out well. Sometimes it also can be a big deception ! and afterwards people write how wonderful the meeting was !

  4. I know Robin is from Summerstock! Only ONE Robin could have a son named Itai — and I dO wish you would tell us how to pronounce it! LOL! I’m glad you guys had a good time! Alllllllways fun to meet fellow bloggers!

  5. Hey, those ARE good photos! The ones he took on my camera are “artistic” (i.e. tilted at a pretty funny angle and cutting off our legs).

    It was great to finally get a chance to catch up with you, and in such a lovely spot too :). Itai is anxiously awaiting news about Greta’s puppies!

  6. PS Itai’s name is pronounced ee-TYE, with the accent on the second syllable. It’s a popular Israeli boy’s name, more popular than we realized when we chose it. Oh, and we also just thought it was a modern Hebrew name, but it turns out that Itai is from the Bible – he was a friend of King David’s.

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