Good-Bye Curt!

It was the end of Greta’s litter today, as Curt left us to go to his new home. Gail and Faye came to pick her up and bring him home to his new family. There are several dogs and a teenage boy to keep him company there.

Curt liked them both right away. He was adorable and we lay a track outside so I could show them how he tracks the blood to find the deer hide. The little bugger did pretty well, but once he got the hide in his teeth I could not get him to let it go! Oh that Curt is a stubborn one!

I completely forgot to take pictures, but Gail sent me these two beautiful ones of her with her new boy! Thank you so much Gail! I look forward to many, many more!

Curt! 008

Curt! 007

So the puppy room has been cleaned, and tomorrow I will move the furniture back in, as well as our coats, and life will return to normal. Whatever normal is when you have 4 dogs of your own!

8 thoughts on “Good-Bye Curt!”

  1. Aww…Curt loves his new family member. He planted a biggo sloppy kiss right on Gail’s mouth. 🙂 It is going to be very quiet around your place for a while. Thank goodness Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner to keep you occupied. You have helped care for and teach two litters this year and I have enjoyed the heck out of it. Thanks for the memories, kiddo.

  2. Awe, poor Greta is probably searching where her last puppy is….
    I´m glad you are not “dog less”, that would be too hard, I´m sure.
    Hoping you are feeling better.

  3. Can we have occasional reruns of pup pictures??? I know you will miss them and so will I. Love YOU, Mel

  4. Very sweet. It’s funny to think that life back to normal is when you “only” have 4 dogs! Everyone of our pets is a big presence in our lives, that’s for sure. When just one of the cats is “missing” (a cat is rarely ever missing;), we know right away and worry. They always come out of a hiding place, looking at us like we’re nuts when we swoop them up for hugs!

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