A Thing Of The Past

I woke to absolute quietness, which in turn made me think that something was amiss. After all, the puppies are never this quiet unless they are getting into to something they shouldn’t, like the night they escaped the puppy room.

Sleepily, I pulled on my robe and slippers and headed out to check, and there I saw it…an empty puppy room!

Consciously I knew they were gone, but in those first moments of wakefulness, I had totally forgotten. I smiled a sad smile, and turned and made the coffee.

Later, as I poured my first cup, I looked over at the vacant room, and in my minds eye, I could see those beautiful brown eyed babies watching me.

It’s always like this, the first few days after all the puppies have gone. Hubby and I were growing dangerously close to Curt, and we both admit to missing him quite a bit today.

Meanwhile, I have scrubbed the room, repainted a few spots and late this afternoon returned the table and bench to their rightful places, and rehung our jackets on the wall pegs. I have pretty much erased all the signs of puppies in there.

All of this made me feel tired, so after I finished putting things away, I made some tea and then sat down to relax.

Yes, this granny can relax until next summer when I do it all over again with Anneliese!

5 thoughts on “A Thing Of The Past”

  1. I just catched up on your blog and see that they are all gone now, how empty the house must seem to you ! But I read between the lines that you are ready for the next “bunch” of puppies, lol !
    I came back yesterday evening into a stormy and rainy weather it’s just awful outside and I decided not to move and stay home, the contrast is so big !
    Cats were happy to have me back, and Mr. G. too, he had too much work with the cats he said, but that’s his fault he is their slave ! Really ! I am happy to be back too, in the last days the service in this hotel couldn’t be supported with humour anymore !

  2. You´re kidding!? Again? 🙂 But no, I do understand. I bet you´re looking forward to it… 🙂
    It´s your passion and if it makes you happy, you should do it.

  3. Awwwwww… I’m sure I would have stumbled to the puppy room too… that’s a bittersweet moment I think. Now… does this mean another trip to Germany for little Anneliese?

  4. Hi Mom,

    Glad you are feeling better, and it must be somewhat of a relief now that you have your house back, and are down to having *only* 4 dogs!

    M & I did a massive cleaning project over the weekend (okay, mostly me, but I did get him to help at one stage….) Cleaned the entire house, because the landlord wanted to come by to resign the lease…. He also did peek in every room (glad we cleaned), but which I found a little strange….

    Hope you have a great day! What days are you gone for your cruise?

    Love you lots,


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