Preparing For Turkey Day!

Recipes have been read, lists have been made and the planning of our Thanksgiving meal is well underway. I’m still undecided about the pies. I am definitely making an apple pie, but I have been craving a pumpkin pie too, so I may make both!

One thing I am planning is our family’s traditional Chestnut Stuffing! Oh how I live for that! I’m not sure I mentioned that a couple of weeks ago I bought a few chestnuts, roasted them in the oven and just ate them. Oh my, they are so good!

I’m also going to make fresh cranberry relish this year. A friend gave me a recipe and will be making that.

Also on our menu will be mashed Yukon Gold potatoes, mashed candied butternut squash, peas, gravy, bread and butter pickles, and some sort of table bread or rolls.

I love cooking and baking and I’m looking forward to doing all of this. Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of the year!

In fact the family legend is that I was born a week early just so I could get my turkey dinner!

That sure sounds like me!

11 thoughts on “Preparing For Turkey Day!”

  1. Sounds delicious. It’s not my turn to host this year but we always share the cooking – we’re bringing along sweet potato souffle, homemade rolls, and an as yet unnamed green vegetable (any suggestions anyone?).

    Happy thanksgiving Maribeth!

  2. I think you did arrive just in time to eat some Thanksgiving Turkey. I know I was thankful that my baby had arrived! Thanks Mom!
    Thinking of Chestnut stuffing and making some here too! Love YOU, Mel

  3. Your thanksgiving dinner sounds wonderful. We are going to make a small thanksgiving dinner and take it to my in laws and then we are heading out for a movie. The in laws won’t remember it is Thanksgiving, but they will have their turkey and dressing and a fruit salad, etc.

    Wishing you a happy thanksgiving! 🙂

  4. Do you know… I have NEVER had a roasted chestnut — and I really REALLY want to try them! I don’t know even where to FIND them to TRY to roast them! But if I ever do, I will email you first to find out how!

    I’m making my yams different this year — baked with pineapple and walnuts! I think the family will like them – but they may grumble about “different”! LOL! And I’ve decided on a recipe for coffee/spice/butterscotch bars that I found in a magazine! Sounds really good. I actually had to buy INSTANT coffee for it! I’ve never done that before! LOL! And Quilly shared a recipe awhile back for a pumpkin dessert that I’m going to try. I know that will be a hit. And then, I too am making a fruit salad… I’ve already started seeding pomegranates!

    Have a great Thanksgiving Maribeth!

  5. Okay, I understood everything on the menu except “bread and butter pickles” – what on earth are bread and butter pickles? (Forgive the ignorant Scot in search of enlightenment!)

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