On Board

Last night we spent a wonderful calm night just outside Seattle in a town called Monroe. This way we were able to get in to the cruise ship loading area without getting up early in the morning.
Of course, all four of us are on east coast time, and so we were up at the crack of dawn and we got to the docks about 10:30. Hubby and George dropped us girls off at the terminal with all the baggage. Then they went to return the car.
Carol and I zipped through out paperwork, and we were on board by 11:55. And checked out our rooms. They are lovely with fairly good views and then we went off to explore.
This ship is huge! And I am still not sure where everything is, or how to get there. I think more signs are needed or maybe a better ships guide. I figure I will know my way around by the end of the cruise.

Then, since we were hungry we stopped in at the buffet for lunch. There we met up our husbands and then Keith and Jill, more of our friends. We all ate our lunches, and then set off to unpack our cases back at our rooms.
Once that was done it was time for the fire drills, and then we set sail. What a pretty sight that was, as we pulled out of the docking area and sailed along the harbor in Seattle.
We had a Coast Guard escort all the way out of the Harbor, and then he waved and turned and was gone. We stayed out watching a while longer before hunger struck once again.
We explored the restaurants on board and decided to eat at the Savoy. We got a very nice table near a window. Our servers were Adriana from Mexico and then Mia from Thailand. They were young and seet and took incredibly good care of us!
We also had a wine stweard. He was hysterical. He was from Romania, and reminded me of Agadore in the movie, “The Bird Cage”. It was so funny! Still he was so nice and we enjoyed him a lot.
After we ate, we returned to our rooms and fell instantly asleep!
Sept  10 009.jpg
Me, George and Carole

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