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Quick Notes

Sunday night was formal night. We all got dressed up and went to dinner down at our favorite restaurant. Since we speak to all the wait staff and managers we got the best table in the place for our meal, and we got the best waitresses too! Adrianna and Mala. The meal was a bit more diverse. But they offered Ketchikan Sockeye Salmon and almost everyone had that.

After dinner we went to a musical show and it was fun. The singers were good, the songs all 70’s and pop familiar in type, and once we were done we headed off to bed.

I admit I do not change time zones easily!

We were up early today (again) and headed to breakfast. I could easily become accustom to living aboard ship, but I would weigh 700 pounds!

A now understand that a cruise is just an orgy of food. You talk about what time to meet for breakfast, ponder what you will eat and then say, oh and what time and where do you want to eat lunch. And of course dinner. If anyone starves on this ship it is entirely their own fault! I have never seen so much food offered anytime, day or night, and all for free!!

I do have a confession to make. Even with the patch for sea sickness on, yesterday when we hit rough seas and the ship began to rock and roll, I got distinctly green!! I tried napping. No luck. I ate small bits of crackers and drank ginger ale. But nothing worked. Finally about 3 AM we entered the inland passage, with quiet waters, and I felt so much better.

We went ashore to Juneau on Monday. We took the whole day taking two tours (The Mendenhall Glacier, and the Salmon Fish Hatchery) and then we walked around and did a little shopping and sight seeing on our own before reboarding the ship.

Aside from the green feeling of on Sunday/Monday, I am doing better. But I have to say, rough waters make me just plain sick!, I am having a wonderful time. And with the word Princess written boldly all over the ship, I feel very much at home!

But I miss everyone so much and look forward to getting back home too.

Sept  10 030.jpg

Sept  10 031.jpg

We have since toured Skagway and Tracy Arm. I haven’t written because it is so expensive to hook up my laptop and then pay for time $10.00 for 30 minutes! And as their satellite is VERY slow. It’s almost impossible to write as much as I’d hoped. So please forgive me and I promise to write more when I can.

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  1. Do you have the motion sickness bracelets? I get HORRIBLE motion sickness, even in cars, and I have found that the bracelets work wonders. You should see if they have them at the ship store. Or also? Or you could see the doctor on the ship, and they may be able to give you something mild to help with that.

  2. sorry to hear about the seasickness – but I’m glad you’re eating as much as you can – east some for me!!!! Lots of chocolate and have some champagne! and a martini! Or tell Jack to!

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