Every morning I get up and check my computer for updates on the Blogs I love to read. For 5 years I have been using Bloglines. That was, until today!


I’ve been a fan of Bloglines for many years. I like the way things are laid out, and I felt comfortable using it. I even tried to overlook the fact that about twice a month they get totally messed up and I do not get any of my feeds. Then I recently found out that people using Bloglines don’t get my feeds at all! How did I find this out? I subscribed to my own feeds and didn’t get them!

I had Google Reader, but not with a current listing of the Blogs that I like to read. So, I went through all the export/import stuff this morning and have moved everything onto Google Reader. It’s not my favorite reader, but I just want to know when you all are updating your Blogs!

Sheesh, is that too much to ask for?

Well, I won’t delete my Bloglines account, I’ll keep it for now as a back up, but I may need emotional support to keep from going back to it. I know that switching to Google Reader will be good for me in the long run, more reading and less frustration, but I am not a woman who makes changes easily.

What Reader do you use and why?

12 thoughts on “Readers!”

  1. I used to use Bloglines as well,until the same thing happened to me. It was so frustrating and I moved to Reader. I´ve never had a problem here and am really happy with it. I know you will get used to it too!
    Hope you have an awesome weekend! How´s your eye doing?

  2. I don’t have a clue! Oh well, ignorance is bliss! I guess that is how that saying goes, not sure if that is true though. LOL! Love YOU, Mel

  3. I have always used Google reader so I can’t compare. I like it and think it is easy to use, and I have never had any problems with it. However I think I would contact bloglines and try to get your issue straightened out. Maybe you will no longer use it as your main reader, but others might be and you want them to see your blog, right?!?

  4. I am using Google Reader and I am pleased with it… I don’t like to read blog entries in the reader, so I always click over to the actual blog to read (&comment)…. but I like that I can take a “peak” on the entries that have been recently published, if I don’t have time to actually read (&comment) on the whole thing.

  5. I use Google Reader because it was the first reader I tried and I love it. And I don’t recall EVER having a problem with it… Oh! Except for ONE friend who’s account occasionally quits sending feeds! Then I have to go over and re-subscribe to her blog. But I think that has to do with her blog for some reason not SENDING the feed. Weird.

  6. Before discovering Google Reader I had a list in my favourites and checked each day if the blogs were updated. But that was a real oldfashioned method but I didn’ t know any better. When Google Reader came up, I immediately started to put the links of my favourite blogs in there and now I am very happy, I know exactly when somebody has published. It happens of course that I have no time to look up my Reader because I answer comments but it really works well !

  7. I am a long time bloglines user too but have been wanting to switch to google reader. Maybe since bloglines keeps dropping the feed to your blog now is the time to switch to google reader!

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